Monthly Archives: August 2012

patient asked question about the differences between the release system of the different doses of cialis. pharmacokinetics so exciting. also a patient asked me which lubricants don’t have spermicide. apparently the girl is allergic and he has sensitive skin…

forgot to add, a bottle of oral solution sporanox broke in the shipment, and the whole delivery was destroyed. at least fungus can’t grow on it.

198 prescriptions as first day on pharmacist. 12 hours today. good good. monday and day after weekend of floats. complete mess. didn’t even get to eat dinner. ridiculous. another 100000 years of this. cannot wait.

a farmer came to the pharmacy today. he talked about people he knew that were pharmers. he said sometimes farmers don’t have a good crop during the year, and sometimes pharmers don’t have good jobs. everyone just has to keep working hard. can’t just keep changing and jumping around.

got the flu vaccine for the first time in my life today. as a healthcare professional, i’m always supposed to support vaccination and all that, but i’ve never had a flu shot until now. guillain barre syndrome is quite rare (not even completely correlated), but it is kind of debilitating. that very little, infinitesimal possibility is too much for me. may be insignificant for population statistics, but i like being able to move. always felt that i am fairly young, so even if i do get the flu, i would be able to recover. so i would reduce my risk by not getting the flu shot when i was young and do it when i am older. oh well. i have to get it now because i am hired by a corporation that requires it. and now i feel like i have a fever.

i’m tired of working with worker’s compensation. these people work and get some injury and then the company has to pay for their medications for the rest of their lives. they feel like they are entitled to everything and threaten to sue you the second they meet you. and it’s for a bunch of ridiculous amounts of pain medication, which can be understandable. or it’s for xanax, i don’t know what job can make you have so much anxiety and issues. i should get xanax work comp for dealing with these people. the best is when patient gets work comp for suboxone, which is for opioid addiction. what an exciting job! gets you addicted to drugs, so now they have to pay for you to get off the drugs. i’m so confused.

when a dentist prescribes percocet, i think it’s time to start brushing teeth. just a subtle hint