Monthly Archives: June 2012

doxepin pills are for depression. doxepin cream is for itchy skin. depression must just be an itchy brain.

had a dream about rifampin and how red it was. yet in real life, i’ve never used rifampin. horrible horrible antibiotic. turns people’s secretions red, induces their liver enzymes to break down a bunch of other liver-metabolized drugs, causes liver damage, etc. etc. but i guess it’s useful when you have endocarditis.

is there such thing as being proactive? is it not just being reactive to the realization that being reactive doesn’t have favorable results? what a confusing cyclic redundancy. but somehow that grows and grows until it reaches the perfect reactive/proactive equilibrium.

they really need to develop better therapies for inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. steroids, huge horse pills multiple times a day, and “steroid-sparing” therapy which is just methotrexate or some immunosuppressants. no wonder the irritability spreads beyond the bowels. just cut out the intestines and you can’t be irritable anymore! oh wait, that’s the other treatment.

a nice tip i learned once from a pharmacist. fentanyl patches are nice because they last 3 days and are a super strong opioid (mmm fentanyl). unfortunately, the patches take about 12 hours to reach their full effect, so the patient is stuck taking morphine or hydromorphone pills until that time. one way to increase absorption to speed up the process is to apply heat, with a blowdryer or something like that.

had a dream that i moved back in the dorms with my roommate from first year undergraduate. then we went out to go get food or something. when we came back the jerks across the hall took our room and put all our stuff in a small room. it was not very nice.

last time i went to a doctor, it was my pediatrician. i am not in pediatric age anymore, but i don’t know when i should go see the doctor. it’s strange how i’m in healthcare, but i don’t even have a primary care physician. when i was at stanford, i heard some of the medicine interns talking about how they didn’t even know how to even start looking on where to go see the doctor. doctors not knowing where to see a doctor. confusing world.