Monthly Archives: May 2012

wife came in to pick up her prescriptions. she said, “oh, i received a call about my husband’s medications. what was that?” i went and found it, it was cialis and it was $500. she was surprised: “CIALIS?!”. turns out they just broke up. great. caught the affair.

patient can’t afford to buy aspirin, but can afford to buy beer.

patient can afford to buy 2 month vacation to africa, but refuses to pay any money for malaria prophylaxis.

regardless, record time for prior authorization approval! 1 hour 4 minutes. amazing!

mind is not clear. feel like i am in a daze. sleeping too much. lazy lazy.

The chair of the department of a Big Ten university once observed, probably after a bad day, that it was possible for a student to graduate with a mathematics major without ever having solved a single problem correctly. Partial credit can go a long way.

from “What is Mathematics For?” by Underwood Dudley

such a great quote.

a story of spironolactone (as told by a pharmacist from china). spironolactone is a diuretic used in heart failure. it’s a steroid-shaped chemical, much like estrogen. so unfortunately or fortunately, it can hit the estrogen receptors and cause some interesting side effects, like gynecomastia. this male patient in china had been using spironolactone for a while. he started growing boobs and then he even started to lactate. he was embarassed about this so he always wore shirts with two pockets. he would stick index cards in the pockets to prevent the stain from showing. the end.

it’s interesting. going from super busy to not busy at all but should be busy getting ready for boards. oh well, will relax these few days.