Monthly Archives: April 2012

the birth control of choice in china: mifepristone. people here like to do that stuff after the fact.

so apparently, my website is blocked by china, at least in my school internet. harmonized! can only access through a proxy.

they seem to do stem cell transplantation here in trials. this hospital is the first hospital to use stem cells for treatment of diabetes type 1. met a 10 year old girl patient. recently diagnosed with diabetes. they did a stem cell transplant to try to cure her diabetes. they have about 20 patients on this trial. so far 1 has completely discontinued insulin. the others are mostly decreased insulin doses. very interesting. another patient with renal failure due to diabetes type 2 got a stem cell transplant for his kidneys. seems like his renal function is improving, but will see how it does in the long-term.

the two patients with growth disorders are now friends in the hospital. they physically look about the same age, but they are really separated by 19 years. crazy.

these stupid trees that kuomintang planted in nanjing when it was the capital. they are going through spring time and blooming and giving me crazy allergies! first time i’ve had seasonal allergies in my life. ugh!!!!!

i saw a patient that was 22 years old but has growth hormone deficiency and is stuck in like a 10 year old’s body. he hasn’t gone through puberty and looks like a kid. he sounds like a kid, but the way he talks is that of a much older person. right after that patient, these parents rushed in their 3 year old son. their 3 year old son already has gone through puberty and looks like a 15 year old. he has acne and looks manly. but he acts like a 3 year old. what a surreal experience. must be the pollution here or something.

also saw sheehan syndrome at this hospital. ridiculous, so many rare endocrine disorders (at least in the united states). anyway, sheehan syndrome is a hypopituitarism caused by hemorrhagic shock during childbirth. apparently the patient gave birth 50 years ago and lost her menstrual cycle since then. because the pituitary gland is damaged, there’s no more thyroid, no more steroids, no more sex hormones. she never really got a formal diagnosis until now; she presented with a sodium level of 103 (normal value 135-145; we usually think of emergency as around < 120). but she was okay with such low sodium because of no steroids in her body and she usually lives at low sodium levels. crazy! in china, when people get infections and sick, doctors give them steroids sometimes. it’s frowned upon, because it suppresses the immune system, but it gives the patient a good feeling, a high, so they think they are feeling better. however, in this lady’s case, doctors that did this misleading trick actually made things better.

another interesting thing about china is due to their one-child policy. since families can only have one child, having children is very important to people. so the endocrinology department in the hospital has a bunch of women that can’t seem to conceive and they come in to check their hormone levels and all that. a lot of hyperprolactinemia apparently.