Monthly Archives: March 2012

the topic today is facebook.

a few months ago, there was this thing going around on facebook in the bay area asian community with “help ____ look for a bone marrow transplant”. asian kid my age got diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. (he is also my classmate’s friend’s brother.) asian donors are hard to find, because we are generally selfish and don’t like to volunteer for these things. anyway, this was big news, it was in the chinese newspaper. i thought, who could ever get a bone marrow donor from facebook? brushed it off. this thing died down. never thought about it since.

today i was on rounds with the hematology team. a patient was admitted over the weekend for fever and had a bone marrow transplant soon. i looked at him. hm. something was familiar. the name sounded familiar. then i realized, he grew a beard. it was the same guy on facebook! amazing. i’m really happy for him. he is in remission and the bone marrow transplant will really give him a high chance for cure. good luck to him.

on a sadder note, i came back home today and checked facebook. i got invited to some event. (which is rare, because people don’t invite me to things.) apparently one of my classmates from undergrad passed away. she was in my physics and biochem classes. from what i gather, she wasn’t able to find a bone marrow donor. we never really talked much, but it’s still shocking when people pass away so young. don’t really know what to say.

my new favorite chemotherapy regimen: SMILE


used for NK leukemia. SO GOOD.

why bother? no more expectations.

thought i was awake, but it was all just a dream.

tomorrow is match day. scared. completely scared. judgement day. day that decides the rest of my life. stress. fear. hopefully the giant computer outputs favorable results.