Monthly Archives: February 2012

i counseled a patient on warfarin today! just like every day. except today i did it in chinese! well, about 90% was in chinese. so proud of myself.

they have this statistical thing about multiple sclerosis. apparently if you are above 37 N latitude, you have a higher risk of multiple sclerosis. you can move before age 15 and change, but now it’s too late. 37N crosses santa cruz and gilroy, ca. i’m above that. sigh.

“radiation oncology recommended brain radiation. i think we should just give my patient whole body irradiation. i saw it once on house md. it seemed to work well..”

interesting problem today. only 45 vials of a chemotherapy drug left. we have 3 (fairly sick) patients in hospital already. they each require 9 vials each for their course of chemotherapy. a new patient comes in. younger patient with better prognosis. they expect a high dose of this chemo will be pretty good for her outcomes. they need 21 vials. uh oh. drug shortages cause a problem.

a patient grew 3 bacteria and 2 fungus from his blood and he’s sitting in bed talking to us, telling us he is full of energy today and is going to take a walk around the hospital.

best interview question ever: “please give us one reason why we should not hire you.”