Monthly Archives: December 2011

one of the neighbors was playing music really loud. i couldn’t find the source in the house. i really thought i was going crazy. it was this muffled music spread throughout the whole house. then i looked out the window and realized one of the neighbors was having a party. i hope that is the reason. hopefully they are playing music. if not, then i guess i’m crazy.

a hiv patient called me today. she had “parasites” again and was asking me which drug she should self-medicate with. it’s a tough situation when all i can say is i don’t know what kind of infections he has because it is over the phone. she had metronidazole, albendazole, and iodoquinol. she insisted on taking one of the medications and not going to see the hospital.

another hiv patient called me yesterday. he was obsessed with reducing his cholesterol. it was already at okay levels, but he really wanted to decrease it more. (unfortunately, hiv drugs interact greatly with cholesterol medication, so it is a tough situation.) while we were talking on the phone, he suddenly went on a 15-20 minute tangent about how the healthcare system is falling apart and the doctors are all quacks and conspiracy this conspiracy that. it was pretty crazy. i learned a lot.

i was driving my grandmother today. she told me her garage opener was running low on battery, so they went to lucky’s to get the battery changed. they have a battery department. she then continued that getting old is like like garage opener. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. nothing is consistent anymore. she said it would be nice if people had batteries. just change the battery and everything is better. i never thought something so simple could be so…