Monthly Archives: December 2011

snowboarding for 2 days makes me really appreciate friction. it is very important. physics is so merciful.

i read an article once that said in asians pay doctors when they are healthy, and stop paying when they are sick. i thought it was interesting, because the model in the US system is completely the opposite. instead doctors don’t want to be paid for performance. they want to just be paid for doing something to the patient, not more when the patient gets better or not less when the patient gets worse. but then i read more on the article and realized that it was an alternative medicine thing that was talking about some magic mushroom that cures cancer and hyperlipidemia and diabetes and hypertension and depression and every disease in the world. sad.

was admiring christmas lights, then realized i was in stockton. they were really police cars in front of the house.

i guess i’m so scared about my next rotation (internal medicine rotation, which starts in january) that i’m already converting my sleep schedule to waking up super early. classmates have been waking up at like 3-4 am for this rotation. i can’t wait. won’t see the sun for 6 weeks. so scared. so scared. unfortunately, i don’t have any studying or whatever to do this early, so i’m just stuck sitting here.

it’s weird working and talking to patients on the phone a lot. and knowing their name. and then they finally come into the pharmacy and they are a completely different person than what i imagined. especially when it’s a different ethnicity than what i expected. anyway, it is 12/14/11 today, but i accidentally dated a few telephone prescriptions as 12/24/11. the technician told me that i must be so excited for christmas, thinking to myself “omg it’s christmas tomorrow!” the other technician just said “poor abraham…” working too hard.

The Food and Drug Administration’s panel of reproductive health experts voted 19-5 that the benefits of the ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin transdermal [Ortho Evra] patch outweigh its risks, specifically a potentially higher risk of dangerous blood clots in the legs and lungs. FDA panelists said the patch can be especially useful for younger women who have difficulty sticking to a daily pill regimen. Despite the safety concerns, the experts stressed that Ortho Evra fills a unique niche among birth-control products.

don’t really know how you can compare the risk vs benefits in this. always bothered me. the benefit is not getting pregnant. the risk is getting a blood clot and dying (and breast cancer). it’s not even on the same level. i think it’s really a personal preference. how can we generalize so much?

we got a prescription for opium tincture today. the doctor wrote the directions as “14.97 drops four times a day”. really? 14.97 drops? even if you could somehow take a drop and separate out 3% of that drop, you would end up with two drops. it’s so magical, i don’t know how i am going to get a fraction of a drop. drops must be the one thing in the world where the more you separate, the more you get. it’s ridiculous. i don’t understand how doctors can get away with these fails.