Monthly Archives: November 2011

i really miss 7 am days. it’s so frustrating and tiring being stuck in traffic for so many hours a day.

the greatest thrills of my day are those moments on the highway when there is no traffic. it clears up and all the repression goes away. i feel free. nothing can hold me down. until the next exit/entrance of the highway.

i watched “formosa mambo” last night. it was a good taiwanese movie that came out earlier this year. it was about the telephone scams that happen very often in taiwan. they call random people and tell them they won the lottery, to go to atm and swipe card or something, then they steal information. they also call people and pretend they are their kids and say they are kidnapped and want ransom. it happened to my uncle once. he got a call saying his son was kidnapped, but both his sons were sitting next to him. so he played along with them for a while, then asked the caller “which son are you?”. anyway, i digress. this movie is about how a group of people kidnap a kid. they call the mom. at the same time, a fraud group called and said they kidnapped her kid. so it becomes a nice comedy about how she says she paid the money, but the other group took it. and all that stuff. it was good. except the end was kind of uncomfortable. the guy that had morals is usually supposed to change things and prove a point, not turn bad.

i woke up and thought the following thought: lincosamide. what is the brand name? is it vimpat?

so i check it up. vimpat is lacosamide, an antiepileptic. lincomycin is a drug (brand name: lincocin) under the lincosamide antibiotic category. why i thought of all these names, i have no idea. i haven’t touched these drugs ever, since the beginning of pharmacy school. but this is bad. i’m getting sound-alike-look-alike drugs confused even in my sleep. bad bad bad bad.

i think i found my ideal job. something that doesn’t start at normal times. undesirable times are desirable because of traffic. and something slow and not so busy. also coworkers that speak chinese would be nice. it’s really great to converse in chinese and people can’t understand. but we can’t have it all.

was listening to random cantonese rap on youtube yesterday. found a random rap song by some taiwanese guy called “life’s a struggle”. googled the guy. apparently the guy was betrayed by a friend or something and framed and went to jail for 3 months and was stuck for 3 years in house arrest. then he got bone cancer and died at 23 years old. and because we know all this hardship in this guy’s real life, his song becomes much more. life is definitely not fair.

called patient today to confirm septra dosing. he said he was taking septra everyday and bactrim on monday, wednesday, and friday. oh, thank you pharmaceutical companies for multiple brand names for the same drug.