Monthly Archives: November 2011

dear doctor, i know your time is so precious, but please don’t be so mad when i ask you how to spell your 15 letter last name and the patient’s russian name with a thousand consonants in a row. i’d like to get it spelled correctly the first time, so i don’t have to hear your voice again. if you really want to speed up things, please send the prescription electronically or fax it.

“Under laboratory conditions, open mouth technique (holding MDI 2 inches away from open mouth) enhances delivery to the lung. This technique, however, has not been shown to enhance clinical benefit consistently compared to closed-mouth technique (inserting MDI mouthpiece between lips and teeth).”

that’s from the asthma guidelines. i don’t really understand why there is a disconnect. it gets the drug more into the lungs, but there’s no clinical benefit. does that mean you don’t need more drug in the lungs? or there is more to asthma than just the lungs? hm. disconnects make you think. but the thoughts usually don’t go anywhere.

YOU ARE THE <1%. no one reads this. happy thanksgiving.

i had a scary dream about thailand. i’ve never been there. but in the dream i was locked in a wooden box with cannibal thai people. it was a torture method or something. i scratched and scratched. then i ended out and in a parking lot. i exited the parking lot and ended up in a casino/hotel of some sort. i looked out the window and saw a vast green plain. nothing really there. then the cannibals were chasing me again.

i guess a blog is supposed to talk to an audience, but a lot of times it ends up being myself talking to myself. have to tell myself to keep working hard. be positive, if possible. or at least act positive to others. it’s easy to say “forget it, i’m done.” and just stop working and pass with mediocre results. i don’t know why i am pushing myself. just got to do it well. i can’t wait until i go to china. there are many places i want to visit, but they are all fairly far from nanjing. end of thoughts for tonight.