Monthly Archives: August 2011

it’s kind of weird when people think of electrical engineers as electricians.

interesting odd day. apparently the hospital inspectors were here today, so i was told to hide from them, so they can’t ask me questions. played hide and seek, without the seek (because no one cares about me), for about 2.5 hours. when i finally came back, a code blue. lots of epinephrine, lots of atropine. rushed over to catheter lab. well, first time seeing a person die in front of me. wouldn’t even know without the monitors. it’s interesting how people are so used to it. one nurse even tried to change the mood during the code by commenting that atropine is no longer in the ACLS guidelines as of 2010. a lot of the people in the back laughed. well, more like chuckled or grinned.

always had such lofty goals for summer vacation. too bad i haven’t had a real summer vacation since the summer after graduating college, and before that was the summer graduating high school. need more graduations. one every year would be nice.

pharmacist i was working with today: “oh, looks like i have to change this potassium chloride solution to tablets. the solution tastes really bad. have you seen the tablets? they are huge. they are like a horse. so if you are stuck between tasting something really disgusting and swallowing a horse, i would rather swallow a horse.”

interesting day. no code blue today. but there was a code orange and code pink. apparently, that means chemical spill and child abduction, respectively. not at the same time.

also had another pharmacy department call to see if anyone could read chinese. some patient brought in some medicine that said 司坦唑醇, but no one could read it. apparently i volunteered myself when i said i could read chinese a little. i only knew one character, but still got it. the english name is stanozolol, an anabolic steroid. so it’s a controlled substance. how exciting!

dear doctors, please don’t use pediatric weight-based dosing for 14 year old kids that are like 80 kgs. you get doses that are greater than usual adult doses.