Monthly Archives: July 2011

woke up at 8 today. already took a nap before 12. studying really makes the brain tired.

i had a dream last night about irinotecan. apparently the dream was so good, i overslept my alarm by 1/2 hour. don’t really remember. all i remember was waking up and thinking irinotecan should not be diluted in saline, better to use 5% dextrose.

drug dosing is based on clinical trials (i assume). but where do they get these ridiculous ideas. it makes sense if drug is mg/kg. or some dose, adjust up or down based on renal or hepatic function. but filgrastim. what the heck is this. it is 5 mcg/kg. seems pretty normal. except it is round to 300 or 480 mcg. why did they decide to make the vials in these two sizes? so random. why even bother having the 5 mcg/kg. just say >78 kg, use 480 mcg. actually, i dont even know how to round it. is it round up? is it round to nearest? thank you pharmaceutical industry for vague instructions. no wonder healthcare fails.

if you were a stem cell donor, which of the following procedures would you like?

1. directly from bone marrow. you get pain killers and general anesthesia and they take a fat needle and stab you in the posterior iliac crest 200-300 times in one sitting to suck out the bone marrow.
2. peripheral blood. you take some (low dose) cytotoxic chemotherapy (like cyclophosphamide), then take some colony stimulating factors, then get blood sucked out of you at multiple visits.

both seem pretty bad. the first one will probably be so painful you can’t sit or move for a while. the second one just increased your risk for cancer from both the chemotherapy and the colony stimulating factors.

saw patient walking around with a weird hump on his back, near the neck area. thought buffalo hump. thought probably from protease inhibitor. thought probably has HIV. it’s kind of unfortunate when you can tell a person’s disease based the treatment’s adverse effects, rather than the disease itself.

if gram stain results come back as “negative”, do you assume gram negative or negative results on gram stain?