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not 100% sure about the complete meaning, but parts of it seem pretty nice. lolol oh well. need to improve chinese.

i also like how botulinum toxin is getting investigated for everything. apparently even for prostate. can’t pee? flow is not good enough? let’s just inject some botulism into your prostate and paralyze it.

i had a dream last night about white supremacist skinheads invading school and tying me and some friends up. then lighting us on fire or something. it was kind of weird. it’s also weird that whenever i dream about “school” it usually is in the setting of my high school, but the idea of school can be any school, whether it’s elementary school to college. i guess my dreams separate the idea of something/someone with the actual physical description that thing/person. sometimes i dream of people i haven’t seen in a long time or never met and they will be some random face i’ve never seen before. but i will know it is that person. i wonder if it’s a right brain – left brain thing.

i drink a lot of passion fruit green tea. it’s really nice and tasty. my urine is starting to smell like passion fruit…

HEY GUYS did you know being male is a risk factor for prostate cancer!? i wish the government gave me grant money to find that correlation.

boris released 3 albums in the last few months, and wow. blown away. three quite different albums. one sounds like a jpop album. one is heavy drone metal. and the other is indescribable (what a cheap way to describe something without describing it). what has fascinated me about boris is their willingness to try new things. they started off being a drone, noise band. became loud. did metal. did alternative. did post-rock. even after finding success with their most listener-friendly album, they still pushed their limits and continued to change. of course, they already have a cult-like following, so they are always supported no matter what they change to. well, i hope to keep changing and growing. need to take more risks in life. too bad i’m asian and like to be stable and certain. maybe one day. anyway, cannot take risks on quiz tomorrow. need to study breast cancer.

i always get so self-conscious about my chinese when i’m talking to the mainlanders from lab.