Monthly Archives: April 2011

i went to an open house for the main hospital i’m going to be doing rotations at next semester. they have medical leeches! so cool.

cardiology is a really hard topic when you’re heartless like me. i don’t know how to relate. not intuitive at all.

in clinical trials, they like to use “mortality” as an endpoint, rather than some physiological number to compare to. so for example, they will give drugs to correct cholesterol. they all change the levels, but some don’t demonstrate better mortality (as in better survival, not better death), so those drugs aren’t as loved. anyway, when you go through acute decompensated heart failure, they have three main groups of drugs to try to save you: diuretics, vasodilators, and inotropes. diuretics and vasodilators are good. turns out inotropes have higher mortality than a placebo. if this is the case, why don’t we just give the placebo?

normal body temperature is 37 degrees. after reviving a person from asystole or some life threatening dysrhythmia, sometimes we induce hypothermia to slow damage. we can do this with cooling blankets or infusing 40 degree normal saline. wait! how can you lower their temperature with something warmer?! … oh.

units. they are important. especially in this country.

i was sleeping the night before my law final. and i thought about korean dramas. i wondered why the diseases are always cancer or heart problems or some non-contagious disease. what would happen if one of the lovers had some infectious disease, like tuberculosis or something. would it be as romantic?

“we can’t be together! i’m sick. i’ll just bring you unhappiness…”
“no! i love you forever and i will always stay by-”
“i have stage 3 syphilis.”
“…stay far far away…”

btw. there’s a few kinds of cancer that are contagious. that is cool. in a scientific type of way.

is it worse to have a pharmacist who commits one error that causes serious injury or a pharmacist who commits many errors with no injury?

yay finally published! first publication ever. (and probably my last.) i did this work back in 2008 when i was still a lowly undergraduate, doing organic chemistry research. i finished the synthesis during 2008 summer and my chemical was sent to the pharmacy school side to do the biological studies. but i guess cells grow slowly and uncooperatively, so everything was delayed. i graduated. went to pharmacy school. still didn’t hear about it. lost hope of this ever getting published. but surprises happen! i am happy.