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watched “when love comes” by chang tso-chi. winner of 2010 golden horse awards. it’s about the family of a 16 year old girl that gets pregnant. (big family: dad, dad’s autistic brother, 1st wife, 1st wife’s father, 2nd wife [first wife can’t bear any children, so she agreed to a second wife into the house], 2nd wife has 3 children including main character girl). her boyfriend ditches her and she is stuck with a pretty depressing life. well, at least this movie had a more tragic reality than the current reality tv garbage that seems to idolize unplanned teenage pregnancy.

when i started watching, i felt like it could be similar to edward yang’s “yi yi”, which is one of my favorites. they are both about a family with an event that changes them. but the problem with this movie was that it wasn’t as relatable. these days, not very often do we have families with a 2nd wife for childbearing. the family was also way too large to develop a deep story with any of them. in “yi yi”, all 3 hours of the movie focused on mainly 3 characters. and this movie just kept going sadder and sadder and more tragic (like a lot of typical taiwanese movies). even “yi yi” had enough happiness to balance the sad mood and had that amazing smile at the end. in “when love comes” the ending was like a relief that the baby is finally out. it was a great movie for the first hour, but then it started wandering aimlessly.


Headline: Tornadoes devastate South, killing at least 281 (AP)

i read “Tomatoes” instead of “Tornadoes”.

today, cocky professor was talking all high and mighty then he claimed that in the future there will be no more cancer because if we think about it, bad genes cause cancer. so parents with bad genes will pass it to their children and the offspring will be less fit for survival. i wanted just yell out “huntington’s disease. cystic fibrosis.” not to mention that we are keeping the bad genes alive through healthcare, saving the weak and useless. and mutations happen in somatic cells and not so much in gamete cells, so they aren’t passed on. but, i am a quiet asian boy, so i didn’t.

this break i watched two long movies. (getting close to 3 hours is long for me). they are both about a person’s life. one is fiction. one is more based on history. they both won a bunch of awards and prizes, and are kind of sad. they are also both stories told in memories. “the curious case of benjamin button” is about a guy who was born super old and ages backwards until he becomes a baby. his mind is normal, only his body is weird. it’s pretty sad, because he’s a lonely man. he found some girl that he loved, but she was young and he was old. then they met in the middle. then she was old and he was young. it is hard to be different. doomed to be lonely. “the last emperor” is about the last emperor of china, puyi. he became emperor at age 3. and then it’s kind of lonely being locked in the forbidden city. he always wanted to see what was outside, then one day rebellion and he was kicked out. then he became a no one. and life was sad. then he wanted to be an emperor again. and then world war 2. japan wanted to take over china, so they set up a puppet state of manchukuo and puyi became the emperor there. but he was a puppet. and did nothing. then communists won and everyone failed. and he was sad and old and lonely. his wife was addicted to opium. this movie was kind of weird because they spoke in english. and some random parts in chinese. italian director. about china. in english.

best movie in the world. maybe my site’s traffic will spike with mention of justin bieber and his movie “never say never”. was there even a title screen in this movie? if there was, i didn’t notice. i was busy noticing justin’s topless body in so many scenes. i’ve never seen such a great movie without any plot at all. aimless. absolutely meaningless scenes. talking about random canadian kid. don’t feel like i learned anything at all. was this a documentary? i’ve also never seen so many little girls in my life. it’s like heaven. and they are crying and screaming and being obsessed. but madison square garden!? really? justin bieber can get to play the third busiest music arena in the world the same year he releases a cd!? wow.

yes, i actually sat through this movie. all 100 minutes of it. best 100 minutes of my life.

yesterday i saw an elderly man sitting in a chair. he was pretty restless and couldn’t stop moving. he was waving around and didn’t seem to have any control. then i realized he was probably on sinemet (levodopa/carbidopa) and experiencing the dyskinesia side effect. it is sad when you can figure out a disease by the therapy’s side effect rather than the actual signs and symptoms.

i saw a skit yesterday that made me think a little about the ethics part in law class. professor gave the hypothetical that you go to macy’s and buy a $120 shirt that is on sale at $80. the clerk swipes it through the computer and it says $60. he asked who in the class would say anything. since most of the class is asian, most of the class wouldn’t have said anything and would have just taken it at a better price. then he changed it to say it was some small independent store. or if you knew the clerk. or if you knew the clerk would get fired if he didn’t find this problem. it’s interesting how small details can change the results.

even things we think of as universal truth can also be affected by this. professor said when he first came to very asian california, he thought that everyone would say that lying is bad. he pointed at an immigrant student and asked if she thought lying was bad. and she said lying is good. apparently the student was a vietnam refugee and the only way that she and her family survived was by lying. so professor had an awkward silence and then said “yes, very good reason. lying is good.”

so how do we solve these questions? we need some discrete math to give some nice equation. i just want to plug and chug and get a yes or no. or we can brute force this and prepare for every possibility.