Monthly Archives: March 2011

something interesting i learned about in toxicology: radioactive radon accumulates in buildings from natural underground sources. as we become more green and make houses more insulated to save heat and all that, we also trap more radon in our buildings, so the rates of lung cancer from radon have been increasing. the amount of lung cancer from radon might surpass the amount of lung cancer from cigarette smoking in the future. guess being green isn’t always so great.

almost every final this semester is an uphill battle this semester. gotta fight! fight to the end!

when will this end?

too many non-scientific classes this semester: pharmacy law, pharmacoeconomics. i am in pharmacy to get away from humanities and social science! not to take classes like existential feminist literature of african american pharmacy in the 1600s.

i’m not a very practical person. i want to learn how drugs work in the body and how toxins work and stuff on the molecular level. i don’t want to learn how to treat patients. it confuses me when drug mechanisms make so much sense and then the clinical trial shows otherwise. clinical trials are so macroscale, i do not understand. how can you control all those variables? just sample larger and larger. yet we are trying to push individualized therapies. sample huge populations and then play with statistics to designate cut-off numbers where significance can be found. is that science? i do not understand. patient outcomes? what is that? all i know is if an enzyme is inhibited. how did they determine “normal” numbers? example, blood pressure varies a lot. there’s a lot of hypertensive people in the population. 26% of the adult world is hypertensive. how did they find this number? average the world’s blood pressure and set a cut off? but the hypertensive patients are in the population! they were part of the sample, why are they left behind? why did they cut off 26% of the population and say they are high blood pressure? suddenly one mmHg means the difference between a 35-40% increase in stroke risk. a lifetime of drug therapy. there is still stroke risk at normal blood pressure. does that mean the stroke risk at normal blood pressure is normal? analog scale is too hard. i just want enzyme inhibited. enzyme not inhibited. enzyme inhibited. enzyme not inhibited. our body is a digital to analog converter. except our senses convert signals back to digital with action potentials. what a loss of data. artifacting yay. or brains are digital, must be able to dump data from computer. too bad 8 bit data doesn’t mean anything to the functions brains run. not a float, not a long, not a char, not a string. just garbage data. garbage in, garbage out. function break(); i don’t want to study.

there’s an odd elderly lady that lives in the same apartment complex as me. she spends her days walking around the city picking up trash and recycling. whenever she sees me, she says “hi!” and i say “hello!” and she says “have a nice day!” and i say “you too!” and she says “thanks!”. and that is the end of the conversation. i’ve never said anything more and anything less. it is exactly the same each time.

Pharmacist dispenses the wrong Rx drug with an adverse effect of drowsiness. Pharmacist fails to counsel patient of this since she did not know she dispensed the wrong drug. Patient goes home, takes medication and begins to drive on a 2 hour trip. Falls asleep, swerves into an oncoming car forcing the driver of that car to swerve into a power pole. Pole topples over across railroad track, derailing oncoming train. Derailed train rolls over a herd of cows. Power is cut to a portion of the city for several hours resulting in merchants suffering significant business loss. What is the extent of the pharmacist’s liability?


apparently the pharmacy i work at sells ceramic knives. i saw it as i was walking out. my first thought was “cool now i know how to get knives past metal detectors.” then i realized the TSA uses xray scanners at the airport now. radiation, it is fascinating. like bananas and chernobyl.

can you believe that pharmacists aren’t even allowed to be in possession of medications? the pharmacy is the licensed thing that can possess medications. i go to pharmacy school for 8 semesters and the only drug i can “furnish” is emergency contraception. (it’s not “prescribe” because the doctors would go crazy if we stole their word away.) but doctors can be registered to individually possess and dispense medications. medical school has 6 weeks of pharmacology and they are the prescribers. politics. it is amazing.