Monthly Archives: February 2011

hahahahaha. drugs are exported out of the country at low prices and then somehow they end up back in the united states at their normal price. other countries are so smart.

today the professor didn’t start the class on time due to technical difficulties. she said the projector was having problems and had the message “no signal”. she called the technical guys and they sent a guy from the building next door. a minute after he arrived, i heard the familiar windows startup sound and everything was all right. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? good thing diagnosis is a doctor’s job.

i have some green tea that has been opened for too long, i think. when i tried making it today, it turned out to be black tea. i guess it’s been exposed to the air so long that it oxidized to black tea. is this still safe to drink?

today the professor was lecturing about warfarin (ugh, i really hate this drug) and she said it is important to get patients out of the hospital as soon as possible to prevent iatrogenic problems. and here i was thinking the whole time that curing patients was the reason we were trying to get patients out of the hospital as soon as possible.

yesterday i got off work and was going to my car. i saw a regular pharmacy customer walking around the store and i was trying to think of her name, but i couldn’t think of it. she comes pick up medications pretty often and she has a deep voice from smoking, but i couldn’t remember. oh well. when i was sleeping, i suddenly woke up and i remembered her name. it was like 3 am. great. superior customer service.

i always lean on the table when i study. so my shoulders really hurt now. been trying to study for like 2 weeks. it is difficult. what i’ve learned this first half of the semester:

cardio: give everyone beta blockers and statins. take them like dietary supplements. they will be good for your body (or at least, the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets) in the future. the paper that caused a specific blood test to be used to assess patients has an author with a co-patent for that blood test.

respiratory: cystic fibrosis sucks. choose good parents. don’t get bad genes.

law: you can always be wrong. even if you’re right, you’re still wrong.

pharmacoeconomics: (i’m sitting here thinking of something. but i can’t think of anything. guess i’ll skip it.)

geriatrics ippe: be patient with old people. don’t ever send parents to a retirement home. it is depressing there.

practicum: it is okay to not follow rules and give drugs that are D-rated for drug drug interactions (2nd worst out of 5). it is also okay to give amlodipine for heart failure even though they emphasized that they make the condition worse.

research: cancer cells are uncooperative.

toxicology: just about saxitoxin, because i did that for my report.