Monthly Archives: January 2011

today, someone paid for their $25.95 prescriptions in coins. at the drive-through.

i was typing a text on my phone. i use T9 typing because i’m too cheap to get a smartphone with a full keyboard. so i was typing “key”, which is 5-3-9. T9 suggested “jew” as the first choice.

The act requires the use of child-resistant containers for packaging most OTC drugs and nearly all prescription drugs that the pharmacist will dispense directly to the consumer. These containers must be manufactured such that 80 percent of the children less than 5 years of age cannot open them, whereas at least 90 percent of adults can.

no wonder i get so many patients that complain they can’t open the child-safety caps. it’s okay if 1/10 of them cannot open it.

this is the structure of sugammadex. it is a neuromuscular blocking agent reversal agent. like they use drugs to paralyze you in surgery, and then they finish surgery, but you are still paralyzed. so they wait. or they can pump this into you and reverse it! too bad the FDA disapproves and rejected the new drug application in 2008. it has a beautiful structure. if i was on the FDA board, i would approve it just because it looks so beautiful. radial symmetry and chiral carbons everywhere. rings within the rings. beautiful. the european union approved it. that is why america is a decadent society. they don’t appreciate chemical art.

i watched this movie called “never let me go”. it’s based off of a book written by some japanese guy, but he lives in england. anyway, this story is about dystopia england. in this time (which is set in the past), human cloning is amazing and people are cloned to be organ donors. there is a school that raises up these kids until they are old enough to be a donor. then they go through organ donations until they die. there’s a boy and two girls. romance story. boy likes girl 1. girl 1 likes him too, but doesn’t do anything. girl 2 is jealous and steals boy away. they have lots of sex. then suddenly she realizes she’s not being very nice to girl 1 and lets boy go back to girl 1. then they lose their organs and everyone dies. eh.

but the idea of growing humans for donations is kind of interesting. it’s one of the arguments against cloning technology. but i don’t know if it would be cost efficient. it also takes many years to grow a person up. a search online shows that it costs at least $120000 to raise a child to 18 years old. (hm, that’s less than my total tuition for school.) assuming they start donating organs at around 18 years old, they have to start with organs that won’t cause immediate death. in the movie, the donors usually last for about 3 operations. they probably won’t be donating tonsils or appendixes, so first one is probably a kidney. kidney transplant costs about $25000. but that includes surgery and doctor fees, which would be the same cost in both situations. then, what will they donate next? in the movie, they had eyeballs, so i guess those can be donated, each corneal transplant is about $4000. a lung costs $41000, i guess a donor can live on one lung? maybe. but after this, any organ they remove will probably kill the donor. sure, you can take out a stomach or pancreas, but then you’ll have to spend money to keep the donor alive. that money could have just been spent on keeping the real patient alive. so best one to end with is a heart transplant, i think. it costs $90000 for a heart. so i guess these donors are cost effective, as long as they take out the organs in the right order. too bad the demand won’t always be in a nice sequence like this. but if the costs can be justified, maybe insurance will cover this in the future. just grow a clone for everyone. medicare can cover it too. thank you universal healthcare.

is linkedin becoming really popular these days or something? i made a linkedin a few years ago, but i didn’t figure out how to use it, so i had no friends. or “connections”. whatever they call the networking units on that site. but suddenly, in the last two weeks, i got 4 connection requests. i don’t understand. but then again, maybe it’s because most of my classmates have graduated now, so they are looking for jobs. that is the confounding factor. whatever. back to reading about the pathophysiology of heart failure. it is a “toilet bowl of death.” professor 1 year ago called it that. that’s the only thing i remember from his class. good thing they review things in classes.