Monthly Archives: December 2010

in taiwan, it is a trend right now to wear glasses, even if they aren’t required. i saw so many people walking around with empty glasses, it’s just a black rimmed frame. it’s so weird.

too many mainland tourists in taiwan. i came here to escape the dirty slurred speech, only to find that it never ends.

i think it’s weird that when i meet people in taiwan, they say i “回來” to taiwan. it means return to taiwan, kind of like i’ve been away from my home. except that i wasn’t born here and it just doesn’t feel right. i guess taiwan is still the motherland.

seems like everyone in taiwan is suspicious of mainland china’s quality control stuff.

a thought while i was in nanjing. the chinese people really hate the japanese. they’ll never let them go for that.

finally in taiwan. flight was delayed. internet that is not restricted is such a great feeling.

chinese harmonized internet is the true suffering of humankind. cannot find a good proxy. life is miserable.