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(1:49:38 AM) : hm. well i think my fish are incestuous
(1:49:42 AM) : just like me! =D

i went on a short cruise for 3 days to mexico for a family reunion. 35 family members. it was pretty distant. i also saw my professor and a high school friend.

i was listening to “the scientist” by coldplay on the flight back. it is a sad song. then my battery died. and i was even more sad.

i’m back and jetlag is really annoying. the movies i watched on airplane flights are as follows: “despicable me”; “aftershock”; “catfish”; “shutter island”; “josee the tiger and the fish”; “9souls”; half of “salt”; and i think 1 or 2 more that i forgot.

“despicable me” was a good cartoon thing. it’s well done and has funny parts. it’s about a bad guy who isn’t the best bad guy anymore and yea. i’m sure everyone already knows the story. it’s kind of popular.

“aftershock” is from china. it’s about the huge 1976 tangshan earthquakes. twin boy and girl were trapped. mother could only save one, so she saved the son. but the girl survived anyway, and life was sad. it’s a pretty depressing movie, but the acting was really overdramatic (as is often the case in chinese films). like all mainland films i watch, i am always very intrigued by the dialects, accents and variations of mandarin. apparently “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” by ang lee was criticized by china for not having proper beijing “putonghua” (the standard mandarin that is spoken in beijing, with all the slurs and general grossness. but beijing is the capital, so their accent is the official one). but the movie was still released.

“catfish” was a great documentary film. it’s about a photographer guy who receives a painting of his photo in the mail from a small girl. they start exchanging letters and all that and become friends on facebook. he eventually friends most of the family and also starts forming a relationship with one of the older sisters. they talk on the phone sometimes and text also. and everything seems real. the girl writes some songs and sends them to him. he enjoys them. one day, he finds the same audio on youtube. he starts searching around and finds most of the stuff is just being downloaded and sent to him. so he and the 2 others making the documentary go on a trip to surprise the family. (he has an address from the mail). when he arrives he finds one lady that created a whole community as a way to escape her life. it’s amazing what loneliness can do to a person that wants some connection with others. it’s amazing.

“shutter island” is some leonardo dicaprio film about a psychiatric hospital. i just finished my neuropsych class and i guess it was fun to see the disease. it’s a dark movie. i could barely see some of the scenes. lolol. i think the twist at the end was kind of expected once his psych problem was diagnosed.

“josee, the tiger and the fish” is some japanese movie about some romance between a guy and a handicapped girl. i’ve seen too many of these so i watched it in at least 2x the speed. it’s much too ridiculous, guy falling in love with girl after seeing her for the first time. bah. then it turns out their relationship was just a fling and the guy ditches her. but it was a happy fling and everyone is happy. i don’t understand.

“9souls” is also japanese. it’s about 9 people that break out of prison together. they each have a backstory and it goes through it. some try to change, but society won’t let them. some don’t really change. others go to complete some unfinished business. it was a very blue film. it must have been filmed through a blue filter or something.

i started watching “salt” with angelina jolie, but then i fell asleep. it was alright i guess. typical hollywood action. angelina jolie’s lips are really too much. they are so puffy and fat there’s folds in her lips. it’s like when someone is morbidly obese and their fat folds over multiple times. except it’s on her lips. apparently she and brad pitt sued some tabloid magazine earlier in the year for publishing that they were going to break up. it’s great being a celebrity. make a lot of money and then make more money suing people writing garbage.

story my uncle told me about mainland china: once upon a time, there was a man who bought a bus ticket. by the time he got to the bus, it was already so crowded he couldn’t get on. the bus driver told him to check the back door. he went to the back door. it was still crowded. he went back to the bus driver. the bus driver told him to wait a minute. the man said okay and stood there. suddenly the bus driver sped off leaving the guy behind. he was thinking what the hell, he already bought a ticket and the bus driver left him there. but then the bus abruptly stopped. then the bus driver called out to him and said there was space. everyone had been packed more tightly.

i just realized i have a direct view of taipei 101 from the window. there’s a lot of tall buildings around, but they are perfectly situated on the side, so there’s a nice straight view right to taipei 101 and then the buildings are all around. it’s such a nice feeling seeing taipei 101.

my taiwanese cousin asked me about “emo”. it was pretty fun to describe it to him and he was amazed about how it was a trend back then. he said he heard they did studies and found that boys are more emo. his explanation: at some time, boys find out that girls like boys that play guitar and act sad and all that. so boys do that. girls like the boys and become emo. but then girls mature faster and realize what that being with an emo guy is pretty meaningless and useless, so she ditches him for more useful boys. then the emo boy stops acting sad and really becomes sad.