Monthly Archives: November 2010

i sleep early and i still wake up late. this is very bad. need more hours in the day to study.

i don’t understand why people feel cheated when they find out in the last scene that everything that happened in a movie was a dream. it’s not like it would have made a difference if it wasn’t a dream. it’s still fiction and a movie. should you feel cheated because it felt real but was just a movie?

i have finals next week. yes, the week after thanksgiving. that is what i am thankful for. i have been sleeping a lot more lately. by like 1-2 hours. it’s not really good. but i guess it is making up the sleep deficit i accumulated over the semester. is this burning out? because it is very cold. i need more fire. more fuel. the weather is very cold too. i’d rather just stay warm in my blankets. cold. brrrrrr

this is another audrey hepburn movie. “breakfast at tiffany’s”. i guess it is her most well-known role. this is where that pic with her super long cigarette holder thing is from. and apparently the song “moon river”. i didn’t know that. audrey hepburn is some girl and she doesn’t believe in love or whatever. she just plays around and wants to find a rich man to marry, so she can have money. some writer moves into the apartment above her and they talk and all that. she plays “moon river” one day and he falls in love with her. (so easy!) his life becomes a lot happier. they do happy things together. then sadness because he realizes he is just being treated like everyone. then in the last minute, she loves him and all is happy. hollywood ending. apparently the happy ending is added there for the movie. the book has a different ending. oh well. i can’t stop thinking that if they ended at the depressing part, that would have been like the movie “500 days of summer”, where the guy meets a girl and they play around and the boy is left alone. what a sad story. i guess hollywood has improved over time by changing endings.

this movie didn’t mess up their copyright, but instead they chose mickey rooney (a white guy) to portray a japanese guy. apparently people are very outraged at this and angry and it is banned in japan or something. well, it was quite exaggerated and stereotyped. but i actually didn’t know he was japanese until he had a tea ceremony by himself. i thought he was just a crazy neighbor. but oh well. it was done back in the day, i dont think people should still complain about it. instead, they should direct their efforts to destroying the horrible m night shamalayan “the last airbender” movie series! no more white people portraying asians please. that movie doesn’t even have anyone as gorgeous as audrey hepburn to make it worth defending. well… maybe some guy from “twilight”…..

today i said goodbye to a person from lab. i’m not going to lab from now until after winter break, but after i come back, he will have returned home to vietnam. when i first joined the lab a year ago, i was just assigned to helping him in his project. so basically i was just making buffers and doing grunt work, while i got used to a biology lab. now i have my own little projects, but i still ask him for help sometimes when i need the protocol or a second opinion on something. he’s been very patient with me and lab will be weird without him. oh well. good luck

in seventh grade (i think), the teacher said something about the traits we dislike in others are traits that we have in ourselves. we just don’t like seeing ourselves mirrored in someone else. i don’t have a phd in psychology or anything and i never really cared to research if this was true, but i just thought it agreed with it. (our brains are growing at that time! external influences are very influential! sorry if i didn’t think critically enough at that time!) so from then on, i set out to be the most passive and indifferent person in the world. if i don’t find anyone annoying, i must not have any annoying traits! and i guess that’s why i am an awkward person now. (well, maybe not ‘why’ since this wasn’t a controlled experiment. just an observation. unless the seventh grade teacher is doing a large scale experiment with all the students. and i am just a tiny lab mouse. oh noooo)

it is raining again. i need to cut my hair. i also need to study. there is a lot of things i need to do. but i guess i will do it later. the rain kind of stopped. but maybe because i started playing music and i can’t hear the drops on the parking overhang outside. oh, the song is transitioning to next song. quiet. i can hear the rain now. now i can’t.