Monthly Archives: October 2010

i worked most of today. it was pretty good. not many angry customers. actually none at all. probably because there were few customers to begin with. it was a rainy day. so no one wants to leave the house anyway. i learned that prilosec doesn’t mix with plavix. prilosec will inhibit one of the CYP enzymes and plavix can’t be activated. so that’s not good for clotting. all was fine until i sold a rebif to a lady. as i took the rebif out of the refrigerator, i thought the name sounded familiar. i looked on the box. it said interferon. hm. i just learned about that. what was it used for again? hm. oh, multiple sclerosis. then i suddenly felt really sad. i’ve seen cancer patients and hiv patients and patients with renal failure. but somehow the multiple sclerosis was a lot more depressing. i don’t know why. it might be because there is no cure? cancer patients have hope. at least the ones that are still able to come to a pharmacy to pick up their meds. hiv doesn’t have a cure, i guess. but they are more well treated now. or something. i don’t know. multiple sclerosis sucks.

i watched “the leap years.” it’s a singaporean movie. it’s a normal romance movie. about a girl who was born on feb 29. she met a guy on feb 29 of her 6th birthday. he had to go somewhere, so they made a promise to meet every leap year. they don’t know anything about each other. girl is like zomg about him. girl also has a male friend that is a “best friend”. of course that best friend loves her and is rejected. poor guy. always happens that way. anyway, i was really interested in how singapore people are like confused asian people. there’s also a lot of white people in this movie. apparently singapore is like 42% foreigners. and they speak english. so it’s a bunch of asian people speaking improper english with some almost australian accent. they have four official languages too. english, malay, mandarin, and tamil. too bad the movie used cantonese. i was confused. apparently they drive on british side also. but that’s because they were ruled by the british people. i guess.

i watched “aoi haru”, translated to “blue spring” or something like “teenage years” or something like that. it’s about a school that is overrun with delinquent kids that fight and graffiti the walls and everything. the teachers are afraid of the students and all that. one student wins the clapping game. in that game, everyone hangs off the fence on the roof and lets go and claps once and grabs the fence again. then they clap twice. then three times. so whoever chickens out or falls down loses. well, some guy wins, so he becomes boss. he gets tired of it and doesn’t do much. another student realizes his life is pretty useless and kills another student with a kitchen knife. a student used all his energy into trying to get the baseball team into the nationals, but he failed, so he is pretty lost. eventually he gets recruited by the yakuza. the boss’s friend eventually gets pissed off and wants to be the leader. so he goes crazy. and the movie is pretty aimless. no real character development. just a visual description of lost youth. maybe the aimlessness of the movie was symbolism for their lives. i never understand the symbolism very well.

i watched “mystery team” by comedy sketch group derrickcomedy. they are some youtube group from new york university. and they made a bunch of short films. one of the guy’s is on the tv show community now. and that’s one of the few tv shows that i actually watch. so the group finally made a full length movie. and it’s pretty funny. it doesn’t make sense a lot of the time, but it’s okay, i guess. it’s comedy. it kind of tied together at the end and that was quite good. it had many laughs so it kept my attention. they are definitely great writers, but some of the acting is eh. i have this weird bias for comedians that are educated. i like derrickcomedy because they are all smart and from NYU. there’s a chinese comedian and he’s a phd in biochemistry or something. and there’s others that are like MDs or whatever. i think they make more educated jokes instead of racist, dirty jokes. those are funny, but sometimes it’s nice to have intelligence. but that is a bias. because i laugh at everything.

i also watched harry potter 5. it was okay. i have had some of harry potter from 1-6 now. waiting for 7. too lazy to read. but angry that they split it into 2 movies to make money.

golden slumber by yoshihiro nakamura. it is a comedy thriller movie about an unfortunate guy who gets framed as the guy who bombed the prime minister. it’s kind of like kennedy assassination, but in japan with a bomb instead of a gun. so he runs and runs. and the title of the movie is supposed to be a reference to a beatles song. and i don’t really understand what is the appeal of the beatles. they’ve broken up so many years ago. john lennon died 30 years ago. and they were celebrating his 70th birthday a few days ago. and everything. kids still listen to the beatles like they are some amazing band. most bands just fade away but the beatles just don’t die. i don’t understand why. i’ve listened to many songs, but they don’t just do anything. maybe i am the weird one. but why do they make movies structured around a beatles song!? i don’t even know. and i don’t understand the references because i’m not interested in old stoner music from 50 years ago.