Monthly Archives: October 2010

i watched “the river” by tsai ming-liang. like all tsai ming-liang movies, it is slow. and has the same actors. and is pretty lonely and alienating. it’s about hsiao kang. i don’t even know if that’s his name in this movie, but all the characters in his movies always have the same names. so i will assume it is hsiao kang. there was a film crew filming a movie at a river. they couldn’t get the mannequin to look like a dead floating body, so they asked hsiao kang to be the dead body. after this, he starts getting some crazy neck pain. and the rest of the story is about the neck disease. at home, hsiao kang’s dad is a homosexual. and his mom is frustrated, i guess. and their roof leaks (probably something symbolic). i guess the disease that director tsai is trying to get through is that people don’t communicate their problems, so they always suffer internally. and they are always lonely and all that. it’s similar to all his other movies… his best movie is still “the wayward cloud”. at least that one had scenes that attract attention. and still delivered a similar message. but then some of the crazy art reviewers are like the uncomfortably long scenes are supposed to symbolize all the uncomfort in that world, so it is necessary to create good art.

i had a dream that i was back in high school. all my friends from high school were there too. we all graduated from college already. we were just at high school, so that we could get free community college. (i guess it is because we are all cheap asians.) i was in a journalism class. i don’t really remember what happened, but i ended up hiding for the rest of the class. (maybe nothing happened. i always hide during class anyway.) high school days were great times. now i’m just here reading about kwashiorkor. and firefox’s spell check thinks kwashiorkor should be spelled higashiosaka. completely changed countries.

i dont know why anyone would do this. but they did. and they made TITANIC II. it even has a sad face on the ship. so it’s 100 years after the titanic. and some rich guy made a ship again. and it sank on the first day it left. of course, this time global warming is melting large pieces of glacier from canada. as the glacier pieces break off, they fall into the ocean, becoming an iceberg and creating a huge tsunami. it was pretty funny. and the special effects were worse than the original james cameron titanic. and that was made 13 years ago. i made sure i didn’t waste too much of my time by playing the movie at 2x speed. i suggest you do the same. it is funny.

“district 9” is about aliens that end up on earth, in johannesburg, south africa. the world creates a group to provide relief to the aliens. the land the aliens live on becomes a slum. segregation happens and after 20 years, the people protest the aliens. so they are moving the aliens to a place far away from johannesburg. a man is sent to evict the aliens, but accidentally sprays himself with some alien equipment. because of that, he slowly transforms to alien. this intrigues the human scientists and he becomes a medical experiment. all he wants is the world to be like what it was before. he meets an alien, who was named christopher, and they work together.

it was really quite a great movie. it really shows how people act. how events can suddenly cause people to view others differently. the man was originally some leader in the eviction. he had some authority. but once he became a little alien, people were more interested in cutting him apart. it also shows how two very different cultures can never really get together. they will always feel superior to the other and there will always be a fence in the middle. and they really made the aliens look weird but human enough for the viewers to empathize with them.

things i wonder about but never took the time to search for an answer:
1. how cigarettes can burn without a flame.
2. how microwavable popcorn suddenly expands from a small compressed bag to a huge bag filled with popcorn. heated air doesn’t expand that much, i think.

i watched two omnibus films recently. one was from taiwan, focusing on taipei. one was from france, focusing on paris. the two are very different cities. one has white people. one has yellow people. i enjoy these compilations of short films because, like any person that grew up with fast-paced hollywood, i have a really short attention span. so the short films keep me interested.

first one was taipei 24H. it has 8 films. each is about 3 hours in a day of taipei. i originally saw that tsai ming-liang was in the movie. he’s a cool director, but he’s acting now. his normal actor lee kang-sheng decided to direct this time. so it was interesting. too bad his segment was really the most artistic mindblowing thing ever. and i don’t understand it. so it was eh. some of the other short films were pretty cool too. one was filmed in one shot from the top of a tree. and some were just normal child relationship romance things. oh well. it was nice to watch. the love hotel one was funny.

the second one was paris je taime. there’s 18 short films in this one, so each film is like 5 minutes. it is a very good length. almost youtube length. they all have some theme about love in paris and i guess people are crazy. they have stories about american tourists, vampires, natalie portman, old people, prostitutes, muslim people, cowboys, chinese people, and black people. very diverse movie. the last one was great. so lonely.

why do i feel so depressed studying for a quiz on antidepressants?
the quiz is also on anxiolytics. i guess i am not so nervous.
well, it’s kind of hard to be depressed and anxious.
according to the current guesses (read: theories) of the biochemical processes of these disorders.
antidepressants are low in serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine (maybe).
anxiety is too much norepinephrine (maybe).
the quiz is also on anti schizophrenic drugs.
good thing i’m not psychotic.

anyway, i don’t really understand why they stick serotonin with norepinephrine and dopamine. serotonin is synthesized from tryptophan (which is not excessive in turkey.) while dopamine and norepi are synthesized from tyrosine. they have very different chemical structures. but i guess the body breaks them down with the same MAO enzyme. maybe it’s not the same. just a huge family. it’s just not specific enough for my tastes i guess. but i guess they can just classify them all as hormones. i don’t know what i am saying.