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Despite the performance of amylase and lipase assays for acute pancreatitis, the sensitivity and specificity of these tests are often regarded as unsatisfactory, and in many patients pancreatitis is only diagnosed on autopsy.

that sucks. don’t get pancreatitis. they’ll diagnose you. but after you’re dead.

for the last 31 or 30 days, i’ve been doing this draw a profile picture for facebook thing everyday. on may 25th (i guess 30 days), i saw a video of the news reporting about crazy high schoolers dressing up as werewolves and having a little werewolf cult. and a guy was quoted saying, “i dont believe everyone is just human. everyone has just got something else in them.” then i told person x that i was an apple inside. i had the brilliant idea to draw an apple and write “nrhrhrhhrhrhrhr” next to it. and i made it my profile picture.

the next day, person y said, “i hate apples.” whine whine whine whine whine. “but i like apple juice.” so i had no choice but to change my profile picture to apple juice.

soon after, person x responded with “wowowowowowowowowwowowowow” maybe not like that, but i had to change it again. then i had a brilliant idea to draw something everyday in a way that connects all the pictures. i was originally going to post the next day, but thats at 12 am, and i’m lazy and might forget, so it became 11:30 pm same day. so number 3 was on the same day.

so i had a new picture everyday at 11:30. eventually i got to 31. why 31? it’s like a month. but a month is usually 30 days. but 31 is a prime number. so life is good.

here they are.

01. apple [2010.05.25]

02. apple juice [2010.05.26]

03. death [2010.05.26]

04. biodegrade [2010.05.27]

05. discovery [2010.05.28]

06. science [2010.05.29]

07. boo radley [2010.05.30]

08. chipotle [2010.05.31]

09. heavy [2010.06.01]

10. evolve [2010.06.02]

11. differences [2010.06.03]

12. similarities [2010.06.04]

13. smoothie (yea!) [2010.06.05]

14. overslept [2010.06.06]

15. internet [2010.06.07]

16. debug [2010.06.08]

17. nomnom [2010.06.09]

18. away [2010.06.10]

19. bye bye butterfree! [2010.06.11]

20. distraction [2010.06.12]

21. tears [2010.06.13]

22. prey [2010.06.14]

23. king [2010.06.15]

24. raw [2010.06.16]

25. (i’m addicted to you, don’t you know you’re) toxic [2010.06.17]

26. heavy metal [2010.06.18]

27. ringo [2010.06.19]

28. fuji [2010.06.20]

29. La tristesse durera toujours [2010.06.21]

30. son of man [2010.06.22]

31. finished [2010.06.23]

now some of them might be hard to see the relationship. so since i’m so nice, i’ll save all the art history people some time and prevent any multiple interpretations of the artist’s intention and all that fun stuff. so there it is.

01. apple. good.
02. apple is pasteurized and processed. good.
03. it was drunk
04. it was biodegradable
05. it grew into a tree. newton sat under it. gravity was discovered
06. science developed. missiles were invented. it’s all for progress.
07. nuclear winter. people are affected by radioactivity
08. insanity and people are like americans
09. people are lazy and want easy stuff. genetically modified foods. the structures are phentermine and other similar weight loss drugs.
10. drugs affect mutations. evolution happens. apple to (pine)apple
11. change is displeasing. differences cause problems.
12. but we are all the same.
13. sipping on a blended fruit smoothie. another is sleeping.
14. guy overslept. sunset dreams.
15. at night, people are stuck to their computers.
16. debugging programs on the screen.
17. a bug is in your apple.
18. change and metamorphosis.
19. it flew too low and hit a car.
20. distracted and crashed into a fire hydrant
21. the water falls, mushroom umbrella…
22. … is not enough. drowning.
23. the new kings are fish
24. but we eat too much fish
25. fish have mercury
26. mercury is a heavy metal
27. heavy metal is music. shiina ringo is the goddess of music. (ringo = apple)
28. shiina ringo is from japan. hokusai’s woodcut of mount fuji (fuji is an apple)
29. hokusai is an artist. van gogh is an artist.
30. van gogh is an artist. magritte is an artist.
31. yum.

don’t forget me. that’s a really selfish request huh? the weather is hot. the sun is strong. don’t crush me with your strength. i am weak. tiny. unnoticeable. it’s not even meaningful destruction. accident. to who? what happened to you? halcyon. beautiful days. end

how many elementary particles are there? 6 quarks, 6 leptons, 4 bosons. does that mean the whole universe is just an equation from 16 variables? that would be pretty cool. a complicated equation for sure. but the most complete equation. too bad the model will be too complicated to deal with. just deal with hadrons. that’s complicated too. just deal with elements. too complicated. deal with the structures. too complicated. deal with the cell. too complicated. too complicated. too complicated. life is too complicated.

actually, i watched a movie last night. it was a taiwanese movie called “tears”. too bad i didn’t pay much attention and it finished without me getting much of the story. i just had it play in the background like i let music play. and since the movie was in taiwanese, it wasn’t as easily understood as if it were in mandarin. so i just let it finish and people died. maybe i’ll watch it again when i can concentrate on it.

slowing down now. rate decreasing. dx/dt is getting closer to zero. watched one movie last night.

as tears go by. by wong kar wai. hong kong movie. it’s wong kar wai’s first movie. and his only commercial success. so i guess as he went on, he became more artsy and lost money, but he became famous and won film awards for being an artist and earned money. huh. anyway, it’s about andy lau. he’s a gangster. not really high up. he is a big brother to jacky cheung (i didn’t know jacky cheung acted so much. i thought he was just a singer). well jacky cheung likes to get into trouble by talking big and stuff. so andy lau always has to come save him. this causes a lot of problems for the both of them. they always get beat up and stuff. andy lau’s cousin is maggie cheung. suddenly he falls in love with her (incest is best, right?) and he wants to be with her and quit being a gangster since it gets him no where. well, it’s a gangster movie, so you can expect the tragedy. the blue lighting in the film was very blue. it was nice.

i’m very productive. using up all the free time after midterms before i have to study again. 2 movies today.

summer time. by huang zhao liang. taiwanese movie. it takes place on jinmen island (or kinmen, based on taiwanese [or kinmenese {they are basically the same language, but just different name}] pronunciation). jinmen is some crazy island that is 2 km from china, so it is closer to the mainland than taiwan. taiwan still rules them, but they are included in one of the chinese provinces. which is confusing. they used to be a military base and there’s landmines there and they are famous for selling knifes made out of artillery shells. anyway, i digress. as you can see, the cover is a very generic asian bicycle scene! a few weeks ago i asked a friend to judge the movie by its cover and tell me if i should watch it. i was told to do whatever (thanks a lot), so i didn’t watch it. but now i did. and it is a very generic asian romance movie. boy is from jinmen. there was some discussion about the six degrees of separation. he saw some girl’s video online, of her playing piano. (apparently, the actress was also discovered by being an internet sensation.) and he fell in love. then the girl comes to the island for a summer vacation. what a coincidence! they fall in love. there is a love triangle that is solved rather easily. then summer is over and girl goes back to the city. OH NO. WILL THEY EVER MEET AGAIN? spoiler time!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, she comes back next summer and she’s a little different. something is odd. apparently the one that came back was her twin. the original girl died from lupus erythematosus so she wished that her twin go in her place. well, it tricked him for a while. it’s nice that these taiwanese romance movies are having these crazy twists (lupus and not cancer?!) at the end, but that’s only at the end! i still have to sit through the whole movie minus the last 10 minutes of typical romance. i don’t know if that can ever be solved though.

monga. by doze niu. taiwanese movie. this is 1980s taiwan in the wanhua district of taipei. there’s gangsters and prostitutes and stuff. i really wanted to watch this movie when i first saw the trailer, so was happy i finally did. it’s about 5 school kids that become good friends and start a brotherhood. one of the boy’s father is the leader of a gang and so the boys are so pro and gangster and walk down the street with everyone kissing their feet. taiwan should make more gangster movies. there are too many gangster movies with cantonese. need some with mandarin or taiwanese. anyway, it is a gangster movie, so it’s going to be a tragedy from the start. (are there any happy gangster movies? [i mean for the gangsters.]). well, they are great. then one of the five guys secretly teams up with other gangs and is backstabbing everyone and the end is very sad with everyone being sad that their brotherhood and friendship is destroyed. oh, and the main guy is some quiet guy and he falls in love with a prostitute. she was okay looking. she had a bruise on her face though. the most annoying was the leader of the five boys. his hair was unbearable. and he looked like he was half white or something. he had some mullet-ish thing and it was really weird. i wish he would just shave his head. maybe it was fashionable in 1980 taiwan, but oh god. i didn’t like any scene with him in it.

anyway, i want to go to taiwan and eat good food. i got really hungry after these movies. even though there’s not many scenes with food. taiwanese atmosphere just reminds me of good food, i guess. sigh