Monthly Archives: May 2010

the quiz today was quite an odd one. question 3 or something: “Which of the following structures will cause oxidative stress on the liver? Answer A.” so do you put A? unfortunately, C looked like a better answer. but the question says the answer is A! confusing. i circled A, then erased, then circled C. then erased and circled A. then erased and circled C. and in the end, i put A, even though i felt the answer should be C.

so busy. escaped the world this last weekend. now back to reality and have to catch up. be strong. get punched in the face. punch back.

I did everything right; she still died. How the hell does that make you feel any better!?

it was quite an interesting season finale of house. house was trying to change in this season. he went to a psychiatric hospital, did therapy, tried to be a nicer person. turns out everything good he did, nothing good ever happened in return. then in this episode, he finally sympathizes with a patient, tries to help her, does everything that is good for her. and she dies. could have been a great tragic episode where he downward spirals back to his old drug addicted ways. (but the last 5 minutes really killed the episode. hell, the whole season. apparently just having cuddy tell him “i love you” is enough to cure all his mental insanity and hate for the world.) well, sometimes life is like this, i think. try everything. nothing was wrong, but the result still sucks. kind of like working in research lab. if the results suck and all the protocols were followed, then the results just suck. it’s hard to argue against nature, because nature just is. what do we do then? find another experiment, i guess.

it’s graduation time. most of the people from my year are graduating now. i won’t see most of them again. good luck.

i wish my brain was dual-core (more than 2 processing cores would be nice too). it would be easier to multitask. one core could study for pharmacokinetics. one core could study cardio stuff. and the other core could think about starcraft 2. but i am stuck with a single processor. need to upgrade. would need to replace the motherboard also then. hopefully it is backwards compatible with my visual display and audio hardware and drivers.