Monthly Archives: April 2010

an iranian cleric said that earthquakes are caused by immodest dressing. so some girl (jennifer mccreight) at purdue university was like “lol that’s bad science. i’m going to get 200000 girls to show some cleavage on a day to prove the boobquake theory wrong!” so they did that. and there was a 6.6 earthquake in taiwan. but the girl’s like “lol, 150 large magnitude earthquakes happen every year, so there’s a 35% chance anyway!” wow, because disregarding evidence that punches your ideas in the face is good science. and the odds weren’t even in her favor. she should run more trials. no wonder she’s an agricultural major. but really, i don’t want any more, because seeing fat white american cleavage is actually pretty disgusting. if i was god, i would destroy the world also.

the weather is so cold and i am wearing socks. i thought of stuff to write when i was in the shower, but i forgot the moment i stepped out. i think i write this a lot, but i can’t remember how often. only have feelings of this, but nothing completely for sure.

today, after i got out of my car and locked it, i was walking towards my room. but after 2 steps, i forgot if i locked the door. well, i had some idea that i locked it, because it was just a few seconds ago, but i didn’t pay attention to it, so my mind didn’t process it as 100% probability. any lingering doubts means i have to go check. so i went back to check. and it’s locked. it’s routine to lock the door after getting out, but why can’t my mind just be satisfied my routine will do it right? it has to be completely sure, so my mind has to be focused on locking the door when i lock the door. same thing happens when i am home and close the garage. twenty seconds after i drive out of the driveway, i wonder if i closed the garage. i’m pretty sure i pressed the button, but did it close? what if the signals never reached the receiver? oh no. drive back to check. but i’ve never seen my garage door left open. so now, i usually tell myself to remember to see it close. it usually works, but sometimes i forget. statistics and bad memory are the enemy. actually, i was going to write something about statistics. that was what i originally thought about in the shower, but it wasn’t about this. i think there was something about entropy also. but i forget. and i ended up writing about statistics again. it’s destiny. and my feet are still cold. what a rainy day.

important lesson of the day. it is hard to urinate again soon after urinating. had to do a drug test today so i can work in a hospital. but i peed a few hours before. then i couldn’t fill the cup to the line. oh well. is that too much information? i think so. oh well.

apparently floppy disks are still being manufactured by sony. i don’t know where the demand comes from and why people buy it, but recently they finally announced they would stop manufacturing the disks in march 2011. so the end has finally been determined. the floppy disks are officially going to be dead now.

talking to friend. she said she was using mouthwash. being the lab monkey for cancer labs, the first thing that i thought of was that mouthwash causes cancer. but being the economist she is, she stated that mouthwash also does good things so she inquired about whether the costs outweigh the benefits. so being the helpful future healthcare professional, i decided to look up stuff. but quickly ran into a wall. first thing i thought would be like just subtract the risk of people getting cancer out of the people using mouthwash with the risk of benefits. but i didn’t know what the benefits are. is it preventing gingivitis? ANUG? bad breath? and i really don’t think any of those are at the same severity as cancer. so i guess i have to weigh those too. but what objective numbering system do i use?

well, anyway the alcohols in mouthwash help carcinogenic chemicals cross the mucosal layers in the mouth easier. so yea. drink the alcohol instead. let the gastrointestinal tract absorb it and use your liver to clear it out first. thank you liver. can’t live without a liver. that’s why it’s called a liver.

To the campus community;

Today, University officials were notified by the Stockton Police Department that a bomb threat directed at Pacific was received by the Stockton PD at 1 p.m. this afternoon, Sunday, April 25, 2010. The threat said that a bomb would be detonated on campus at 10 p.m. today.

University police are currently going through the campus looking for any suspicious devices. So far, none have been found.

Stockton PD has identified an off-campus phone where the call was made. They are currently investigating the incident. At this time, the University is not planning any changes to any on-campus events or building operations. We’ve reached out to state and federal law enforcement agencies and will be continuing to investigate and evaluate the potential for any ongoing threat to our campus.

We ask that you look at your surroundings today. If you see a suspicious-looking package or an item seemingly out of place, do not touch it or examine it. Instead, immediately call Public safety at 209.946.3911, or head to the nearest blue emergency phone on campus and contact them using that.

Also, please keep your cell phones handy as there may be a need to order evacuations, depending on what the Stockton PD determines. If an evacuation is ordered, the order will be sent through the Pacific Alert emergency notification system, will be placed on Pacific’s main Web page and will be sent via e-mail.

For members of the community who feel uncomfortable at their current campus location, Gardemeyer Field (just north of Brookside and Monagan Halls) and the Baseball Field have been inspected and are available as a safe spot to wait until an all-clear is issued.