Monthly Archives: March 2010

(11:16:24 PM) chrisxors: why hasn’t china banned internet cafes anyway
(11:16:26 PM) chrisxors: clearly they’re violent
(11:16:28 PM) chrisxors: and they’re mini lan parties
(11:16:31 PM) chrisxors: isn’t that illegal?
(11:16:36 PM) chrisxors: i thought the only legal party in china was the communist party


this one was a lot more difficult. wall-e is very geometric, so they all have to follow the shapes. there’s not much leeway to morph the shape around, like for dug.

float away

spent less time on this. his sad wrinkly face is hard to do well on. drew him too small. the ascii resolution is too low to get any good detail. should stick with close ups.

ascii dug

spent so much time doing this silly thing. it’s supposed to be dug from up, if you can’t tell. probably can’t. unless you read “up”. oh well. it was the best distraction ever.

it was be odd if one day suddenly sex abstinence programs worked really well and all the STDs are like oh no and they are under strong selection and suddenly they become airborne pathogens. don’t cough! you might spread syphilis! sneezing spreads gonorrhea. that would be unexpected.

i had a dream about my fish tank. i had a two big angry looking fish. one ate the other. then the other one was eating the other fish. like the black skirt fish. and i was like oh no oh no. i went to get a net to get it out. when i came back, the angry fish disappeared also. then there were a million small guppy fish. apparently one fish had survived and reproduced a million fish. i was trying to net them out in fear of angry fish reappearing. then i woke up. i overslept.

three three three three three three three three three three three this girl is really serious about the number three.