Monthly Archives: February 2010

i watched this movie of tsai ming-liang yesterday. it’s “rebels of the neon god.” it is tsai’s debut film. it’s about life in taiwan, like all of tsai’s films. about a guy named hsiao kang, the same lee kang-sheng acts in all his films. and it’s artsy. but wowow, there’s actually camera movement in this one! and maybe 10 minutes of music in this! (and somehow it won best original score at the golden horse awards). wowow tsai ming-liang actually not being difficult to sit through! and a story that makes sense. maybe, not really. but i don’t really like the sad way he paints taiwan life. maybe it is like that. but eh. anyway, people say it is good to watch tsai’s films in order because he always uses the same characters, so one can see how that character grows and develops and how tsai grows as a filmmaker. they say growing is using less camera movement and having only the idle sounds of city. maybe he just got lazy with his fame. oh well. this movie was okay. i’ll never be able to understand these arts. i’m too low level. sigh.

so apparently, some pediatricians want some foods (like hotdogs and spherical hard candies) to be redesigned, because their shapes are choking hazards. oh no. food is dangerous. we should stop eating. our bodies aren’t designed for eating foods. we need constant iv drips.

was it directed at me? all this talk is so complicated. i’m going to be so vague and direct it at everyone, but really it’s only directed at one person. it’s so fun. and it’s artistic. wowow. so deep. all your fault. it is raining today. that was directed at you. you’ll understand what i’m talking about if you are the one. what?

“i gotta go get ready”
“WAIT! I have to tell you!”
“I. uh…. my appendix is bursting.”
“yea.. uh. yea. yea! my appendix is bursting. aguhghgh”

overactive prefrontal area of the brain. going neurotic. need to get it cut off. lobotomy. yay. yum yum.

simple and clean and sterile and concise and unadulterated and easy and naive and a pain.

donde esta la biblioteca?

there hasn’t been much happening to need a blog post. but i guess i should post something to keep things moving. move move. shuffle the last post out of the main page. shift everything one over. i wonder how they would program something like that if it was like a bunch of arrays that held 10 each. would they actually shift everything and move one from one array to another and repeat? that would be annoying. maybe just have one huge vector array. and cut off based on needs. i don’t know. i don’t really care. the brain is complicated. so complicated that we don’t understand it. but we need to understand understanding. that is amazing.