Monthly Archives: December 2009

it’s weird how things get connected. i went on a trip with my family and there was a lot of driving, so i listened to the radio. (which is something i don’t usually do.) anyways, i was surprised how many old songs they play. it’s like middle school and high school days. so many memories. so i come home and download some of those songs. then i delete them.

it’s hard to update an internet journal without an internet. but i have internet. so i am just not updating because i am.

anyways, i had a dream that my dream was destroyed. it was sad. maybe it will come true. that would be sadder. have a nice day. i’m also having dreams of people from high school and of people i’ve never met. and people that i know are one person but have characteristics of other people. it’s like my mind is melting and everyone is becoming one.

is being healthy a placebo? need to do experiment. but how to define the control group?

so, i watched avatar. in 3d. it is pretty cool. the 3d stuff. the story is kind of eh. it’s basically pocahontas with invading white people trying to get resources (which i just realized is named unobtainium, rofl) and the uncivilized alien na’vi blue people. but it’s in the future and in space. so there’s science now! so they can send people in as avatars which they link with some genetically modified na’vi / human. and the human controls them. reminds me of evangelion. anyway, some things were odd. seems like all visions of the future include some two-legged armored “vehicle” mech things. why would we do that? balance is so hard to make! especially on two legs. why why why!? just because it walks like a human doesn’t mean it is technologically advanced. also, why would they project computer screens on to glass? you can’t see the screen clearly, because… well. it’s clear. ironic, but yea. and they made the attack helicopters of the future have two propeller things, which means there’s a double chance of failure and two times the target as before. and the huge flying battleships die because of a grenade to one engine? that’s a little silly.

oh. the phd super smart arrogant scientist girl was pipetting wrong! she sucked up the solution and then she held it upside down, so all the solution would fall into the pipette and damage everything! wowow! 300 million dollar movie and they can’t get this right!

and i like how all the savage uncivilized alien people are all drawn like black people, and they have rituals similar to them. hm.

regardless, it is an okay movie. the 3d glasses was a nice experience.

i had a dream, i was in some english class. i thought it was supposed to be easy, then i failed the exam due to lack of preparation. then i realized, i was back in high school english class. well, i guess those were the last english classes i really had. then i was suffering. yay for remembering tiny details that i still don’t understand why we have to learn.

it’s interesting that this society that really emphasizes individualism and being unique categorizes the odd ones with a personality disorder.