Monthly Archives: August 2009

so apparently if you break down the word “sympathy” down to its roots. it becomes sym-path-y. sym- means “together or with”, path means “disease”, and -y means “condition or process of.” so sympathy means the condition of being together with disease. let’s be diseased together. have sympathy.

too bad
already burnt up.

garbage garbage. needs more recycling. be green. it makes the world better. everyone has their own garbage. throw in the trash can. throw it in the garbage truck. garbage truck drives away. landfills overflow. half of landfill is fill. fill becomes full. landfull.

i don’t like some of things of this new laptop that the school forced us to buy. one of the things is that it is lenovo. and lenovo bought ibm. and ibm had those annoying red ball thing in the middle of the keyboard with a few buttons on the bottom. that annoys the hell out of me. because that red ball gets in the way of my fingers. i don’t lift my fingers very high when i type because it is a waste of energy. i just drag across the keyboard to the correct key. but now there is a stupid ball in the way! ugh. also the buttons on the bottom are so close to spacebar, i always press spacebar instead. since it is a new computer, i need to install updates and lots of software, and by default the selection is on cancel, so spacebar and bam! canceled the update. start over. and typing this, i hit the red ball a few times. my mouse flew around the screen, distracting me. and this keyboard is too small.

justify justify. everything needs to be justified. makes everything worse too.