Monthly Archives: August 2009

recently, i’ve been having no dreams at all. i guess that is a good thing. but it makes sleep kind of boring. with dreams, it’s like going to the movies. and sometimes being an active participant. but now, it is all darkness. maybe the show ended. i always enter too late. need to get to the cinemas earlier. or catch a later show.

someone on facebook posted a video of khalil fong. so i searched him up in wikipedia. he speaks hawaii pidgin english also, so i clicked on that. then i decided to learn about pidgin in general. then went to chinese pidgin english. apparently the phrases “long time no see”, “no can do”, “no-go”, and “where to?” are from chinese. that’s weird. english language influence by chinese.

are americans getting fatter or am i just getting smaller? i used to buy size large clothes in high school. maybe because it was cool to have larger clothes back then, but then in college i started wearing medium because it fit better. and now this year, i need to buy some “business casual” clothes and i’m fitting in small. huh.

book says “more than 90% of people experiment headache at some time during their lives.” i thought it would be so much closer to 100%. that means one out of ten won’t ever feel a headache! what a lucky person! i wish i was like that. or maybe, those 1/10 people were ones that lived for a few days. so their entire life was too short to have the headache of life. that’s my headache right now. life.

book uses this reference for headache.

although i can’t find it by directly searching “90”. and i’m too lazy to read it. i guess that makes me a bad person. not questioning anything