Monthly Archives: July 2009

gravity is always pulling. 9.81 m/s^2. (well, that is average. let us not add more variables.) escape velocity to infinite: 617.5 km/s. too fast. unachievable. but it is. in little steps. first orbit. then shoot out there. lower escape velocity out there. but other planets and rocks to avoid.

so i like to hold conversations with myself in my head. but recently, the conversations have been in chinese. weirdest thing ever. must be because of recent trip to taiwan. it’s like switched parts of my brain. apparently, learning chinese changes parts of your brain because different parts of the brain that detects tone differences need to be stronger. mine aren’t so good, so some words get confusing. maybe with these mind conversations, i can develop a strong area of that brain! too bad my chinese isn’t that good, so i’ll probably run out of things to tell myself. sigh, this post makes me sound insane. but i’m perfectly normal! maybe.

i am a pineapple. pine all day. longing to be an apple. but alas, i am a pineapple.

i watched “yi yi” by edward yang. this movie is so great apparently. so i went to watch what the big deal was. it’s 3 hours long and it’s about life. that’s it. it’s about a “typical” taiwanese family and all the problems they encounter. (of course, it is a movie, so typical is exaggerated a little.) there’s no climax. just 3 hours of people living. a lot of scenes. a lot of talk that seems deep (but i’m too lazy to think too hard about that.) like a lot of taiwanese movies, it shows a lot of melancholy of life and stuff like that. this movie does that amazingly by showing the taipei city life through a reflection in the window with the characters behind the window. it was a quite amazing. artistic movie. too bad it was 3 hours long. it didn’t seem that long to me, but my dad was so bored.

i am a pinetree. all i do is make pinecones and pine all day. pine pine pine. what a funny word. i wonder what pinetrees yearn for. oh, so painful. maybe the pineneedles are causing pain.

started reading an article about the riots in uyghur or xinjiang. people are angry there because of differences between han chinese and uyghur people. anyways, i started reading about china time zone. i knew china had one time zone, but since uyghur is on the very west side of big china, they have their own unofficial time zone which is 2 hours slower. then i started reading about daylight savings. and then UTC, which was acronymed because english people wanted “CUT” for coordinated universal time. and french people wanted “TUC” for temps universel coordonne (with an accent thing on the e). so they agreed to use UTC, which stands for nothing. anyways, apparently the world is slowing down, so they eventually will have to add leap seconds. at the end of the 21st century, we’ll need to add one second every 250 days. that sucks. they should just save those seconds and add a day instead.

anyways, uyghur is a huge area of china. and it’s so far away that the people there aren’t even “chinese”. they are closer to turkish people. it would be weird if they broke off from china. and then tibet breaks off too. it’s okay though, china will add taiwan. great