Monthly Archives: June 2009

what are you doing? push push push then pull. where does that put us? two pushes away? what am i doing? run run run. never escape.

i’m off to visit china! (well, the mainland. debatable whether i am in china, as i am already in taiwan.) the land of counterfeiting, poisoned toothpaste (and food), and censorship. but really, i am excited to visit. see what the potential future world power will be like. see what’s all the big deal about this country.

so apparently one of the longest words in the english language (debatable) is the scientific name for titin. titin is some protein that holds stuff together in our muscles. it is the largest known protein with 34350 amino acids. so they sequenced it. then named it by stringing together all the amino acids. ending up with a word that is 189819 letters long. (what a cool number! 1’s, 8’s and 9’s!) i think that is cheating. i will discover a longer protein! and i will get to name the longest word ever! (unless all the amino acids are valine or one with a short name.) or i will rename this titin with IUPAC standards by finding longest carbon chain and stuff. 1,1,2-3-methyl blahblahblahb. that would be crazy.

so i just read a really depressing article about a 10 year old girl named colby curtin who was sick. she really wanted to see Pixar’s UP. so pixar sent it to her to watch in her room. then she died a few hours later. is it bad that i was more interested in what disease she had? apparently some vascular tumor. made her blind too. her mom narrated the action in the film.

so today, i was scouted to be a model or something. i was with my aunt going to sogo. and we took a picture in the subway. and these people walked by and they liked to talk or whatever. they found out i was a foreigner, and they are like zomg you look like wang leehom. and they asked for my email. and they took a picture of me on their cell phones. it was very awkward. they said they would contact me or something. maybe it will be my great breakthrough! as a model in taiwan. rofl.