Monthly Archives: June 2009

so i started reading about katy perry on wikipedia (i don’t really know why. i think she was on the main page of yahoo.) somehow i linked over to christian metal, then i started reading about random christian metal bands (which are still kind of weird, in my mind.) apparently slayer’s lead singer stated he is catholic. move around, got to static-x, wayne static married some porn star. went back to the metal stuff, saw slipknot. they had a christian guitarist too, but he left before they became famous. and now i’m reading about barcodes. upc barcodes are so cool. 7-bit. now i’m trying to figure out data matrix barcodes.

shiina ringo’s new album is great; i was going to wait until i got home to plug in better speakers, since laptop speakers are no good, but i couldn’t wait anymore, so i used my headphones, which are better than the speakers. wow, that is a long sentence. but that is how i talk, a runon.

so i had this really weird dream talking to this person i met at school. i haven’t talked to this person for over a year. it was really random and i’m glad i woke up. anyways, i check facebook and apparently today is her birthday. weird! well, not really today in taiwan, since it’s already tomorrow, but today in america. but my clocks are still set in american time. so weird weird!

being idle makes me depressed. but what can i do? absolutely nothing. only wait. why suffer?

my bmi is 19.8. that period looks weird. where is it really? does it really exist?! oh god. oh man. 19.8 is my bmi. oh no. 8!? i am severely underweight. some countries use commas 19,8. looks better, i guess. but then americans use it to split thousands. so that gets confusing. too bad chinese people split numbers into tenthousands instead of thousands. it gets so confusing.

i miss you. do you miss me? of course not, you don’t even know. is this normal? what is wrong with me? why am i like this? definately unnatural. a defect.