Monthly Archives: May 2009

don’t want to study anymore. it doesn’t mean anything. everything is decided. fate. destiny. stuff like that. i want sushi. too poor. japanese people and their expensive world. but really, need to study. but everything is annoying. for some reason. i had a bloody nose this morning. i woke up. went to pee. washed my face. and then i had a bloody nose. it was quite bloody. it was a sad way to start the morning. losing iron. so i ate cereal. i think it has iron. i didn’t check. Fe. ferric, ferrous.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

i saw that on facebook the other day. so i was thinking. how sad it is for historians. all they do is discuss events and people. ideas not as often. they must have average to small minds. i’m glad to be a science major! because its mostly ideas! and sometimes events and people to give credit to nobel prize winners. but yea. that’s weird. is it what it really means? or is it just taken out of context. like a bunch of other quotes?

1 more college final. the last. final. the end. too bad it is the very last day of finals. and its on the hardest class ever. yayayayay.

rgus us rgs wbs
mp oy od mpy
dsbr ,r

shift one. apparently it is !
@~@ thats a weird thing.
it will probably look different because tildes in other fonts put it up in the top. the one i’m using right now puts it in the middle.
i have a final in 1.5 hours.
plural is annoying.