Monthly Archives: April 2009

do not drink organic solvents. ethanol is very bad for you. methanol makes you blind. isopropanol not very good either. formaldehyde smells. acetone is painful. ethyl acetate is eh. hexane will evaporate. dichloromethane will kill you. chloroform will kill you faster.

56% ethanol. what a random number. at least it’s not a prime number.

old news. but i have been un-updated, so it is new to me!

kaela kimura is making new album! with avengers in sci-fi! its great! watched banzai’s video and it is wonderful!

shiina ringo has a new album! really cool cover. with her naked neck. and unsymmetrical collarbones, eyebrows, hair, and other stuff. can’t wait for that album.

school food punishment! i knew they had a new single soon. but i finally watched the video. great!

that is all.

weird dream. went to the river. somewhere. stopped car on the street. and got off to walk a little. walked into a cave and there was a bunch of people trading cds and stuff. it was like a festival of cd sharing. or something. i walk further and further and i’m suddenly in an underground andy lau concert. i woke up when i was taking a picture of him.

so pokemon was originally planned to last a year and a half.

10 years later… ash still hasn’t conquered the world of pokemon.

360 degrees is for a circle.
two dimensional.

what is 360 degrees for a sphere?
how many degrees is that?
is there even degrees?

they are steradians.