Monthly Archives: March 2009

question of day: do cows make milk all the time or after they are pregnant?

answer (of the question of the day) of the day: cows make milk for a while after they give birth. (gestation 9 months). they make good milk for 2-3 months. and farmers just milk milk milk. and udders don’t know if the milk is going to baby cow or in a can, so keep producing milk. after 2-3 months, milk production decreases. sometimes dries off. sometimes will just have low production for 2-3 years. (but such low amounts of milk, it is economically useless). so they just make them pregz again. life is hard for cows.

there’s also some pro cows that can have virgin lactation.

i like steak.

i’m not really depressed, but more discouraged. work hard, did well. but it wasn’t good enough. now i am unmotivated, because it is too late to catch up. it doesn’t matter. so i do worse. and then that makes me more discouraged, because i’m doing worse. and then i get more discouraged. and it is a feedback loop. like when pituitary hormones feed back upon the hypothalamus to inhibit hypothalamic hormone secretion. don’t really know if it is long-loop or short-loop feedback, but it doesn’t really matter. spiral down and down. i guess this one is a positive feedback loop. because doing worse leads to discouraged unmotivation and that makes worse. so everything is positive! what a positive life i live.

saw a middle school friend in my dream. he always appears. i dont know why. i saw him at las vegas, where i was taking a class. i don’t know why.