Monthly Archives: February 2009

i was practicing my speech for public speaking. the first time i practiced, i was stuttering and not making any sense and trying to say it correctly. i repeated myself a lot and it was bad. it took 7 minutes, the lower limit. so i was scared, because if i practiced it well, then i would say it smoothly and it would be very short. i timed myself again after i knew it pretty well. 9 minutes. the upper limit. wow great.

i’m starting to see ugliness in 720p videos. its not really good. it used to be amazing and all that. especially compared to the previous 480. but now, it is like, theres blurring and stuff. i really need to get 1080p rips of videos. too bad my screen isn’t large enough. i need to get a new monitor. i’ve been looking for one. but i dont have space to put it. oh well. i guess i have to suffer through some standard HD stuff for now.

snakes and earrings. okay movie. too bad the girl is stupid and should get out of that crazy body modification and s&m; culture when she realizes her life sucks. her boyfriend gets killed, but then she goes and finds another boy. and then she finds out boy killed boyfriend. but shes like lols oh well. i dont know. she is bored. too much brutal s&m; sex scenes. but i guess that was the point.

achilles and the tortoise. kitano has done an okay movie! so amazed. kantoku banzai (glory to the filmmaker) and takeshis weren’t so good. so good.