Monthly Archives: January 2009

damn. i forgot my dream. it had something to do with pokemon. ugh. i remember waking up in the middle and saying “i will remember this so i can blog about it!” but i guess i failed. im sorry guys. forgive me! i’m trying my best. anyways, it was just a bad depressing dream again. probably. i dont remember.

i had a dream that i was in taiwan, but i couldn’t go out because i was always stuck at home doing chores. then i woke up and peed. then i had a dream i was going to start a marine reef aquarium, but i couldn’t find sea salt at all. all i found were worms eating cucumbers.

i had a dream that i forgot i had a class from 6-9 pm. once a week. so i forgot that week. and failed.

i miss asuka langley soryu. too bad she was eaten and ripped apart and died and came back to life and then got stabbed to death. oh well.

share your sadness of the day. today i had a dream about some elementary school reunion or something. but it was mostly people from high school. anyways, i saw lots of people. too bad i dont talk to any of them anymore.