Monthly Archives: December 2008

finally watched quantum of solace, which is okay. better than casino royale. that is for sure. so i decided in the future, when i take over the world, i will control the water flow. i’ll control all the air too. sell oxygen to people. i guess i just have to control plants. and sell plants that can’t get pollinated. so people can’t black market my monopoly on oxygen. i guess i’ll have to control bees and butterflies then. and birds. and wind. i guess water is easier. but i want full control. no free rain or whatever. destroy cloud formation. this is much harder than i expected. i guess i won’t take over the world. i’m not fit to be a leader. that’s why colleges don’t like my personal statement.

i had this bad dream where this random girl from school. (one of those people on facebook that friends everyone, but i’ve never talked to.) anyways. she kept making me drink sake by the bottle. so i woke up with a bad hangover. well, what i thought a hangover felt like. i don’t really know. but it didn’t feel good. good thing it wasn’t real. i survived.

cape number 7.

wow. are you serious? this movie is taiwan’s second highest grossing film!? winning 12 awards. and now it is representing taiwan in the academy awards!? sigh. it’s like, such a bad movie. not even close to good. i dont know how people can say it is so touching and whatever about it. there’s no development. angry guy. gets girl angry. they both go to wedding drinking thing, both get drunk. have drunken sex. now they are happy. and in love. ugh. all it had was a bunch of taiwanese people from the south. speaking taiwanese. and a lot of japanese people too. and reading other people’s letters. sigh. and what was that bad thing that that cleaner lady did to her grandma? wow. does that mean cape number 7 2. oh that is hard. i wonder how they sequel things if there is already numbers. oceans 11, 12, 13. hm. i guess it will be cape no 8 then.

i always said windows vista sucks and all that. but i never really used it. so i guess i was saying things when i had no experience. i was just basing it off of other’s anecdotes and online stuff. and flashy screenshots. (i hate any flashy operating system). anyways. now i have finally used some vista. and. my opinion is now a fact. have a nice day.


i saw the dragonball “evolution” trailer. its a live action of that anime. and goku is white! it’s really exciting.

i really think it will be an amazing movie. white people with explosive hair. i dont even know if that picture up there is goku. i think it is. i don’t watch dragonball z, gt. or whatever it is.

anyways, i also saw the “avatar: the last airbender.” live action. it’s by that indian guy. m night shyamalan or whatever. so its not going to be too good. but it should be cool. since it is avatar. but too bad they got a bunch of white kids for it also.

aang is being acted by some unknown kid. but don’t worry! he is also white.

so people are arguing about how its so racist and stuff. and the other people are like wowowow this doesn’t even take place on earth! so it doesn’t have to be asian people! and also say that it doesn’t matter because the cartoons dont even really look like asian people, (which is kind of agreeable. i guess.)

oh well. too bad the title of the show has chinese.

and the whole fantasy world is on a chinese map.

and aang is a monk! are there white monks?! they even have chinese names on that one emo episode dedicated that was dedicated to mako, the dead voice actor of uncle. and all of them are doing some martial arts! like taichi, hung gar, shaolin, ba gua. white people only have boxing and wrestling. so they are making all the main characters white. there’s probably not going to be any asian people then, since it would be weird to have a whole airbender, waterbender, or firebender tribes of asian people that have white children. maybe earthbenders!? toph doesn’t appear until second season (so i’m guessing the 2nd liveaction movie), so there is still a possibility that they might have asian people. but probably not. she is more white skinned than the waterbenders, and they got white actors/actresses. oh well. it is life.