Monthly Archives: November 2008

black friday. goal: get new cheap (but good) laptop to replace father’s dying laptop.

best buy: sold out
fry’s: sold out. cheapest was $599. too expensive for asian people.
circuit city: sold out
costco: didn’t have cheap computers

in the end, went to buy it online. took a while since theres a lot of people buying i guess. but yea. should have just started with online. less hassle. cheaper. and saves time. oh well.

i watched “the girl who leapt through time”. some japanese anime. the 2006 anime version i watched. not the novel, 1983 film, 1994 drama, 1997 film, or 2002 tv film. i watched the anime. apparently this was a remake. did not know that until now. but yea. it was interesting. started out happy and boring. sometimes funny. but mostly boring. almost shut it off. but then it turned sad and emo and interesting. too bad sad parts stay with me the most. so i completely missed the important message. something about time not waiting for people. or whatever.

hi, how are you today. i’ve been doing lots of column chromatography. spend so much time, and then it is not pure enough, so repeat. lose lots of product everytime. have to scale up. scale scale. all i do is scale. i’m heavy.


my keyboard allows me to type capital O’s with shift and then let go and it turns to lower case. but i can’t hold o and then press shift to make it from lower case into upper case. it just stops


caps lock just kills whatever is going on. it locks on and destroys.