Monthly Archives: October 2008

i also had a dream last night. but i completely forgot it. just to remind myself in the future that i am capable of dreams even when i am completely acidified. i need to inhale something alkaline. make salt water. and become a marine fish.

i was trying to clean a fish tank that i picked off the ground in the dump that the biology department left behind. so i used concentrated glacial acetic acid that i can find in the lab. too bad it was quite strong and now my face is burned off. not really. only my throat. killed all my mucosal cells, so my mucosal escalator can escalate no more. particles and evil float in the air and enter my lungs. and now i probably have an infection. i’m dying. it is cold. and people are getting sick. and my fish tank is still not clean. hard mineral deposits. sigh.

piranhas are the scariest things ever. they go around and they rip things to pieces. there’s a video on youtube with piranha’s getting fed a frog. and they rip it to pieces, and the frog is still trying to swim. it’s missing it’s front leg and all of its internal organs, but it is trying to swim. so sad. piranhas are evil.

invasive species in my fish tank. ramshorn snails and some other random snail decided to infest waters. roommate thought it would be cool to buy this aquatic plant with snails, because the snails would be cool. so yea, snails clean algae and all that. so bought. and they multiply quite fast. much faster than guppies. so now there are many. read about fears of flukes and stuff. bad bad for fish and me. so decided to quarantine snails for a month, so flukes can’t complete lifecycle and they can go die. so set up a trap two nights ago with cucumber like it is always suggested. didn’t work. easier to just stick hand in there and catch them one by one. too bad by the time i get some out, they already reproduced and made more. it will never end. but it is okay.

i also got a new tank. 10 gallon. because the biology bitches that used to be in the 2nd floor of classroom building left to go to their new building. so they left everything (dead pigs, fish tanks) there for chemistry and math to clean up. math is too small to do anything, so chemistry is slowly cleaning up. saw a fish tank about a week ago and have been eyeing it. so waited until everyone left and i went and took the tank. i am very happy. too bad i need to clean off all the mineral deposits and stuff. that is annoying. but free tank is good. anything free is good.

insane. INSANE. insane.

it mirrors, but not really. it is just balanced.

insane. INSANE. .ENASNI .enasni

i guess that is mirrored.

mirror is always balanced.


convenience store.

this morning i finished watching “ghost in the shell” anime. it was interesting, i guess. but the ending was confusing. i had no idea what was going on throughout most of the show, especially the ending. it’s cool that they have the stand alone complex stuff, with stand alone episodes and complex episodes that are part of a main story. but it really doesn’t make sense when it is broken up. i watched it because tachikoma think tanks were the coolest machines ever. too bad halfway through the show, they got sent back to the factory. i was hoping they would come back. and they did in the 2nd to last episode or whatever, it was sad. that was all. it seems that every anime has a bad ending. at least from what i’ve seen. cowboy bebop, evangelion, ghost in the shell. all old animes with not so great endings. so now all the new animes are preventing that from happening! just make animes that never end. like pokemon, naruto, bleach, and others. something like that.

laundry list. just do laundry. stick things in the washer. then move to dryer. there’s no list! why is it called a laundry list? there’s nothing to list. detergent, maybe bleach, clothes? thats about it! so even if there was a laundry list, it would be really short. not a long list. unless every piece of clothing was numbered.