Monthly Archives: September 2008

someone called me on a taiwan cell phone today. but i didn’t pick up, because i was in class. so i saw the call, didn’t think and returned the call. then they said “wrong number”. so now i just paid like $20. sigh.

bad day. spilled tea. disorganized achem lab. urine on carpet. not something that i want to remember. but i write it in here anyways. so maybe i do want to remember all my irritating days. i don’t really write happy things in here, so when i get bored i read this and realize how much my life sucks. even if it doesn’t suck so bad. it is just not a simple random sample of my life. it is a skewed sample. but what can i do. it is a observer bias or whatever. as long as my error is systematic. it is okay. then the error should be calibrated and be much lower. but it is not. i can get precise but not accurate. what basic statistics and anal(ytical) chemistry. it is so basic, it is like acid, but the opposite. alkaline batteries.

so the toilet cracked last night for no reason at all. and there was water everywhere. at like 4 AM wow. annoying. hate my life.

IOC considering pending Beijing doping cases
By GRAHAM DUNBAR, Associated Press Writer
3 hours, 47 minutes ago


Vadim Devyatovskiy and Ivan Tsikhan tested positive for traces of testosterone after the hammer final Aug. 17.

…. blahblahblahbab

maybe it is because they are men!

i bought this new jacket! it is fire-retardant!


save myself! retard the fire, jacket!

it saved my life

that is a retarded jacket!

apparently retard is not allowed at university.