Monthly Archives: September 2008


was visiting my sister at uop (completely doesn’t make sense). and was eating. this random asian girl that sat in front of me during first semester macroeconomics sneaks in and takes my sister’s wallet. i tell my sister that is happening. she goes chases that girl. the girl turns around, opens the wallet, gives back sister everything except $9, and leaves. so i am angry, i want to get back at the girl. so i think think think and then i think her name is shirley! which i dont think it is. i dont even know her name. she is also like 2-3 years older than me. so oh well. anyways, with the name, i tell the police and take her to jail. on the way to jail, i get distracted by an aquarium and i walked in. i saw my high school friend, danny, cooking (makes sense, all he does now is post pictures of his food). and then i dont know what happened. suddenly everyone is netting fish. theres 2 tanks, saltwater and freshwater. and we can choose which one to net a fish from and keep. everyone did the freshwater. i saw a reedfish (ropefish) and was like omg i want it! but some guy who i dont know caught it first. then i wanted those transparent eels, but they changed into ghost catfish. suddenly i saw a crab that looked saltwater. i was like, hm maybe i should catch that, it seems saltwater. it would be cool to have one of the few freshwater saltwater crabs. then i saw the dory (from finding nemo) fish in the freshwater. so i was very confused. so confused that i woke up.

so i was reading jpopmusic forum, because i like to lurk there. anyways, theres some guy thats like all anti america or whatever. its fun because he talks a lot about how america is so bad with wasteful gas, and hamburgers, and other silly stuff. but he never talks about how any other country is doing better. so i don’t know what country he is in, because his location says “fluffy clouds” or something completely lame like that. but i think he should compare countries and say what is better. and be pro-something, instead of anti-america. it is easy to be anti by pointing out mistakes and problems. but if there is nothing that is better to support, then there is no real solution. it is just angry bashing. maybe with pro, there will be more of a solution. movies like v for vendetta are like lolol government sucks, so let’s blow it up! and then what? everyone wears masks? so stop being anti and be pro! so then you can have pro-life and pro-choice!. that is irritating.

i have gone insane. i want to start aquariums. a bunch of huge ones. one community tank, with large fish from like the amazon or something. another one with guppies. another one with small fish like neons and stuff. and also a saltwater aquarium! too bad i am poor. oh yea, i also want to get a 25.5 inch screen, so i can watch movies and cool stuff. oh well! poor poor. maybe guppy tank though. i will breed them. from the ugly feeder ones to the colorful pretty ones. yay for selective breeding. biology application. reading about the aquarium water and stuff is like hard stuff. talks all about pH and proteins and nitrogen cycle and lots of buffers. good thing i am double majoring in chemistry and biology so i can understand it!

dream journal.

was in kind of neutral 3rd person, i guess. i couldn’t do anything except wisp around.

was in san francisco. saw random classmates, and professors. kaela kimura was also there. she suddenly died from some bad friend. (heartbreak or something?) anyways. she suddenly grew out of the ground and was a carrot. she said how it is not fun to have no feet. suddenly she is ghostly again. there were 3 other dead people as ghosts. some scientists were trying to bring the dead ones into some form, so they can get their revenge or whatever.

then i had to go pee.

i think it is weird that i have really bad image recall, so i can’t even think of anyone’s face. but in a dream, just the thought of that person makes that person there. or whatever. people in my dreams don’t usually have a face, but i know exactly who they are. like once i had a dream that had some person i had never met in my life. yet, in the dream i knew exactly who it was. its like image memories and the idea of the person are in separate places. and dreams just play with ideas.

i listened to veltpunch’s “paint your life gray” album yesterday. and today was quite gray. did not as well as i wished on a test. accidentally called out of country. and then the housing management company doesn’t want to pay for the exploding toilet.