Monthly Archives: August 2008

the easiest way to unclog the shower drain is to open up that blocker for people that want to take baths.

i always knew that molarity and molality were only different by one letter, which makes it annoying, but i never noticed that it was with the letters that asian people can’t pronounce! all the new things that i learn these days! this is tuition money well spent. but it’s still very cool.

i want to just give up and start a band or something. maybe not. what is there to do with a biology and chemistry degree? absolutely nothing. little technician shits. don’t even have time to work on hobbies, so i’m not good in anything else. what can i do with that? nothing. i’ll just exceed my credit limit and fly away on my zephyr to another country. take all that money. maybe like 10000 USD? i think that is my credit limit. i can live for a couple of months yay.

i’ll become a pokemon master.

i typed pokemoney by accident. my life is revolves around money. and me. and my lack of it. since i can’t do anything useful. its one mistake after another. but the arrow of time and entropy or something moves in one direction, so it doesn’t matter. supposedly. i still don’t understand arrow of time and entropy and all that stuff. maybe because (i typed maybecause. i’m so efficient. like an industrial engineer) of this lousy education that i pay so much for.

i thought i had lost you, but it was really you who lost me. (sounds like a song, but i really dont know where it is from. it appeared in my head. but i’m too lazy to look it up online.) i lost my wallet. but it turned out to be in my backpack. in the wrong pocket. i wish i had those old jansport backpacks, with 2 pockets. instead of this huge backpack. but i need a place to put my laptop. irritating. wallet. wall, etc. wall-e. wall-e.t.

so i watched a japanese medical drama. some woman falls down the stairs so they removed her spleen. i really don’t get it.

always feel inferior. never enough to write. i’m not good enough. don’t deserve it. failure.