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insomnia for me. it is really just normal waking time for others. lucid.

no one grieves. thought it was so great. but really, it is nothing. anyone can be like that. nothing special. plain. boring. variety? diversity? don’t make me laugh. no passion. no emotion. no one cares. nobody knows.

glitter. turn into gold. luck. it is gambling. and hoping to lose. talent. skill. they weigh in somewhere? never. luck. hard work only goes so far. waste time. kill.

Canadians bid to free 100-year-old lobster Fri Jul 18, 1:54 PM ET

OTTAWA (AFP) – Lobster-loving Canadians are trying to persuade a fish market in easternmost New Brunswick province to set free a huge crustacean believed to be more than 100 years old, its owner said Friday.

The 10-kilogram (22-pound) male named Big Dee-Dee was caught earlier this month in the Bay of Fundy and is now on display at the Shediac fish market Big Fish.

According the store owner, Denis Breau, it was to be auctioned off in the coming weeks.

But a massive campaign to stop it from landing in a pot of boiling water has unexpectedly kicked off, with online petitions and a woman in Vancouver on Canada’s Pacific Coast enlisting the help of the Vancouver Humane Society and animal rights group PETA.

Laura-Leah Shaw of Vancouver told public broadcaster CBC cooking the lobster would be barbaric.

“He’s being thrown into a pot of boiling water and it’s painful. It hurts,” she said, urging Big Dee-Dee’s supporters to pool their monies to buy his freedom.

More than 1,000 tourists per day have stopped by the shop to see the giant lobster, Breau told AFP. “About half say they want to throw a big party and eat him, the other half want to liberate him,” he said.

One boy ogling the creature through the glass of its tank said he’d like it as a pet, said Breau.

The highest bid so far on Friday was 3,500 dollars from a woman in Ontario to free the lobster, he added. “Liberating him is probably the right thing to do, but we’ll see.”

Fisheries officials have also said they must give it a check-up to ensure it is disease-free and sign a permit before the lobster can be returned to the sea.

theres a lot of sea at shanghai.
there is?
yea, i think so.
hm, shanghai does mean “up” and “sea”. i guess there would be a lot of sea to see.

when you go shopping, you pay money and recieve something at that value. when you gamble, you pay money and possibly get something at a higher value. when applying for schools (college, medical school, whatever school), you pay money and maybe you will win the prize. which you have to pay more money for. which one makes the most sense?