Monthly Archives: July 2008

lol at new facebook. wall is now first page. so everyone can read others walls. no more scrolling through the profile and all that stuff that no one reads. it gets straight to the point. wall!

aren’t there other types of transmitters? like ones in the shape of a pen?
the battery wouldn’t last very long in one as small as that! this is reality! not nijyuu-yon you know?
jack bauer
oh you mean twenty-four!
look! you don’t have to say everything in english! you’re a japanese, so speak japanese!
whats spiderman then?
kame no chichi
star wars?
hoshi sensou

it must be from all this lead based paint from this old building that i live in! they claim they painted over it a lot of times now, so it is far far away. but how can i know they are telling the truth! i bet the lead is attacking my face now.

it feels great. my favorite part of the day (and most exciting!) is when i clean out my ears after shower. there is something amazing about q tips. 50% more cotton.

i dont want to live.
but i dont want to die either.
what do i want?
really am waste. gomi.