Monthly Archives: June 2008

omgomg losing so much readership/viewership on this website! so exciting. used to get 100+ and suddenly this month has been dropping pretty bad! so exciting. i even hit 60 on one of the days. who are all these random people that are reading this nonsense. 2500+ hits this month. that’s what i used to get a year, and half of that would have been myself. now it’s all these random people. go away. i want to go back to those old times. life was better then. i’ve sold out. i don’t do anything entertaining and everyone visits. used to work so hard! and i got no one. it’s like leaving indie and going mainstream. too bad i don’t care anymore. but i do.

the sky is nice. no one feels grateful for it being there, but it is still stays.

maybe because it can’t leave.

do chinese people listen with their mouth now!? it’s amazing! listen used to be 聽, which has ear (耳) somewhere in there. but now, listen is 听. 口 is mouth, so i am completely confused. kill off more meaning please. or evolve less dramatically. it makes it so hard to eat.

boris is going to be in san francisco on august 2nd! which is cool. i’m free on that day. so i want to go. but then, boris is going to be playing with two other bands. and they don’t sound so great, just angry yell yell yell doom stoner sludge metal rock. whatever genre. i just want to see boris. so i guess i could go late, but then, i would lose the front! i want to see them up close! sigh. decisions. and i don’t know enough boris songs. especially because they release two different albums, but they name them the same and have the same cover and everything. it’s hard to hear all their music. too many things are named the same thing.

my room gets hot when i sleep, so i leave the window open. i also lock the door with all the locks. all three. it seems like a real waste of effort. anyone could just enter through my window. doesn’t make any scary people go away.

i remember my middle school pe locker combination better than my college chemistry locker combination. weird.