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i’m so lazy, and i don’t get anything done. i should though. it is a waste of my life.

i added the chemicals too fast. hopefully it is not completely screwed up now. misery.

tokyo wankei is the best. it has everything. love between wrong countries. even happened to parents. and then injury by stabbing, becoming paralyzed from waist down. and then turning out to be siblings, then not. then getting hit by motorcycles and losing memory, but it comes back quickly. it even has burying little boxes. this drama is the best. the only thing it doesn’t have is cancer or some terminal illness, and no one dies. (happy ending). but yea. this is the last post ever about tokyo wankei. it was the biggest waste of time ever.

so in tokyo wankei, people under the influence of narcotics with knives walk around the airport stabbing people. so convenient.

lol dramas are so predictable. its either a happy ending or a sad ending where everyone dies.

in tokyo wankei, korean girl is lols with some japanese guy, so parents are like LOL. so she gets arranged marriage, so she’s sad and tells boy to meet at some stream. so on the way there, boy runs through a construction site (i dont know why.) and then some kid is riding a tricycle there also (again, huh) and the beams on the lift aren’t tied right, so they fall, and boy saves the little kid, but he gets hit by all the beams. girl is like huh? and people tell her boy died, so shes sad for a few years and then goes ahead with the arranged marriage.

a few years later, turns out boy isn’t dead, just lost his left leg. too bad girl has been married. so they go on with each other lives. dont even know each other anymore. then! they have kids with other people, boy has a boy. girl has a girl. so daughter is running around, slips. son is like wow catches her. girl is like lol thanks and runs away. then girl at that time is having some japanese boyfriend who is like lol we can’t get married, so shes sad. and she does a cell phone dating thing, and meets some japanese guy. blabhalblabhah. turns out it is son. so its like the same thing happening, a few years later.

then when son figures it out, he’s like call her and let’s meet at the site where her mom was supposed to meet, and dad lost leg. and so run run run. then boy runs through the same construction site (don’t know why it is still being under constuction). so girl gets there and is waiting. and boy is running, and the thing is falling! and then girl calls boy. and cell phone rings, so he has to pick it up. and he stops and the thing falls in front of him. so technology saves people. that is the result. but anyways, that was only the intro of episode 7. theres 11 episodes. plenty more for people to die in.

High Winds Blow Stained Glass out of Burns Tower

Tower will be closed until next week

High winds blew out a 6 ½-foot wide, 20-foot tall stained glass windows located at the top of the historic Burns Tower Thursday morning. No one was injured in the accident.

Due to continuing safety concerns, the tower will be closed through the holiday weekend. It is expected to reopen for business Tuesday, May 27. Workers are securing additional glass panels that were loosened by the high winds. Employees are advised to stay away from the tower on Friday.

All parking lots in the northwest area of the campus from Burns Tower to the Calaveras River are closed until Tuesday. People who normally park in that area are advised to park on the west side of campus. The roadway in front of the tower also will be closed until Tuesday. University officials will make special arrangements for special events happening this weekend.

The accident was reported at 7:30 a.m. Thursday. University of the Pacific officials immediately ordered the evacuation of Burns Tower and cordoned off the surrounding area as a safety precaution. Crews were called in to assess the damage and to reinforce the remaining windows with new anchors. They also patched the hole with plywood to prevent further wind damage in the tower.

“We are grateful that no one was hurt and that the quick action of University employees immediately secured the area,” said Patrick Cavanaugh, vice president of business and finance for Pacific. “Our crews will work through the night to secure the tower and make sure that it will be operational when employees return from the three-day weekend next Tuesday.”

According to the National Weather Service, gusts of up to 40 miles per hour were reported at about the same time as the accident. The high winds caused anchors in the window to become loose, causing the window to fall out of place. Other windows also were loosened by the wind, but no panes fell out, said Scott Heaton, director of physical and support services for Pacific.

The window will be replaced with a replica, Heaton said. The window was one of the 24 original stained-glass windows installed in the tower before the 1964 opening of the building.

the most exciting thing in my life.

up down up down around around around around circle circle happy sad happy irritated excited annoyed great ungreat unhappy. panic panic. quit quit. just end everything. it is annoying. stop annoying me, myself.