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run run run. all people do in dramas is run. if people weren’t in such a rush, they wouldn’t get in so much trouble. everything is omg 10 seconds, run run run. fast fast fast. and then car crash. or if sad, just run aimlessly. run run run. happy feeling = run run run. always run. run to school, run to work, run home. or maybe it’s because i’m watching it at 4 times the speed. maybe some is real running, some not. but there is still a lot of moving.

i feel unstable. like an intermediate compound. or a transition state. the latter is more unstable. maybe i’m not that unstable, or i would have already dropped to stability. but it is really irritating. i wish i could just fall down, on either side would be fine. reactant or product. as long as i am stable. and lower the energy input, don’t want to fall down and have enough energy to overcome the activation energy again. that would be meaningless. just stabilize. reactant. product: kinetic or thermodynamic. it doesn’t matter. actually prefer thermodynamic, because that is more stable.

important news.

Man accused of spraying woman’s shoes with water

2 hours, 59 minutes ago

CINCINNATI – A woman told Cincinnati police that she heard a noise and then felt something cold on her feet. Police said a man crawled under a table at a University of Cincinnati library and used a syringe to spray saltwater onto the woman’s shoes.
Dwight Pannell, 43, of Columbus, was booked on charges of voyeurism, assault and criminal trespass, court records show.

Pannell was silent in court a court appearance on Thursday. His attorney argued that Pannell’s alleged actions didn’t warrant the charges against him.

The woman told officers that after she heard something coming from under her table and felt the sensation on her feet, she looked down and saw a man on his knee holding a syringe.

The judge set Pannell’s bond at $75,000.


Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer,

wtf i was reading my xanga hidden old posts and i saw something. maybe i’ve already posted it here, but its sheer brilliance must be reposted.

anata wa imasen (?, i dont remember, the japanese image doesn’t work anymore)
“You don’t exist”

i wander aimlessly.
you’re dissapearing…
like a polar bear in a blizzard
my mind is clearing.
i’m really a lizard.

i want to hold you
under water
and one day, meet your father
maybe, even your hot mother

the love you showed me.
wasn’t so real after all
“come on lets play ball!”
the voice echoes the pain
it hurts like sticking my foot in a food processor.
oh, those darn muckrakers.

i just want to hold you one more time
the voice that echoes…
its as if in a dream

the memories might fade
i’ll never forget the times we had
playing in the sun
getting skin cancer together

those were the times of my life
too bad you ended it with strife
i thought it was fate.
but it was just hate

i’ve been told
writing love lyrics
gets mighty old.
i’m sick of your bad poetry

periodic table. per iodic. iodine. periodic? periodic acid. HIO4. omg. doesn’t make any sense at all. but periodic table doesn’t have periodic acid, or anything related to periodic stuff except for iodine. and it has a mess of other stuff. huh.

dramas are annoying. have to wait for subtitles. they come in soft subs or hard subs. i like soft subs because it is an external file, so i can play with the file, and then also it works with the higher quality rips. so it is good. i dont like hard sub files because they are usually low quality and annoying. but i guess one good thing about hard subs is that they can be fast fowarded and the subtitles still show. i think soft subs disappear. anyways, i’m watching kamisama, mou sukoshi dake (god, give me more time). or something like that. it is about some girl who loves some composer, so she sells herself to go to a concert. then she gets HIV and dies. its pretty boring, but i must watch it because it is great or something. so i watch it in 4 times the normal speed. episodes finish faster. and i can say i watched it. this is all the great help of hard sub. i like hard subs for bad dramas i guess. but then i dont like bad dramas. i wish they didn’t exist. like myself. what a bad drama. too bad i am RAW and not subbed.